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Let Them Eat Crack by Banksy

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I am not sure if this will work but lets try it.

What do you all think of this.

For the next three Monday’ s, we can Tweet/Chat #Nixonland. On Sunday’s I will put up a blog post w/ guiding questions. If you have ideas, questions thoughts, put them in the comment section of the blog…so that we can have a home for the conversation.

Who: @tkoed @skippcoon @mdotwrites @arieswym @MZ_of_TSS

What: New Model Minority Book Club

When: 8pm Monday August 16th

How: Use Hashtag #nixonland for discussion

Where: On Twitter

Why: Learning about the past helps us to shape our future.

Reading/Discussion Schedule

Pages 1-300 Monday August 16th

Pages 300-400 Monday August 23rd

Pages 400-500 Monday August 30th

Pages 500-600 Tuesday September 8th

Pages 600-700 (end) Tuesday September 15th

What do you all think of this schedule? Are you available for the chat time? Any alternate suggestions?

Looking forward to your feedback.


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  1. says

    Works for me, I should be available. You might have to shoot me a reminder email. Just be getting off of work.

  2. arieswym says

    I would love to join but I can’t. I teach GMAT classes on Monday nights. The Tuesday night sessions are fine for me for now so I can just jump in at the end

  3. Renina says

    Questions I am thinking of:

    Broad Questions
    1. What has surprised you most about the book?

    Specific Questions

    1. Did you connect the murder rates in Newark to how slum lords treated Black renters in the 60’s? Page # ?

    2. What do you think of the fact that there use to be more registered Democrats than Republicans in the early sixties?