Black Women’s Digital Archives: 100 Sites Created By For and About Black Women


I believe in the power of Black women’s digital archives because of the ways in which we use the internet to create, promote and distribute images of ourselves that we cannot find in mainstream media.

In many ways I see the digital archives and created by Black women and Women of color as an act of resistance. Thank you Al Gore and Arpa.

To this end, I created a list of 100+ sites by for and about Black women, along with meta tags. Why would I do such a thing? I know that the internet is ephermal, that is really easy to lose a site. For me, this list is digital proof that we exist(ed).

If you like the list, please, share, rt and reblog:) ~Renina

ps. I will not be updating this list, however you can add otro sites in the comments. ~RCJ

  1. (Official Nina Simone Site) – I put her first on purpose. Mark Black Women’s Genius. Always.
  2. Brianna McCarthy (Black Woman Visual Artist, *Favorite)
  3. The Peculiar Kind (Popular QWOC Webseries)
  4. For (Feminist Blog, Blog Community)
  5. What About Our Daughters (Feminist Blog, Advocacy)
  6. Black Girls Run  (Community of Black Women Runners)
  7. Black Girls Guide to Weight Loss (Popular Weight Loss Blog)
  8. Quirky Black Girls (Moya and Lex with the CLASSIC Digital Black Girl Space)
  9. Bougie Black Girl (Popular Facebook Community)
  10. Sister Song  (Reproductive Justice Organization)
  11. Black Women’s Blue Print (Health, Culture and Advocacy Organization)
  12. The Siwe Project  (Mental Health Site and Project)
  13. The Crunk Feminist Collective  (Black Feminist Blog) (I am a former member)
  14. Tatyana Fazlalizadeh  (Black Visual Artist)
  15. Leave in the Kinks (Natural Hair Blog)


  1. FlyGirls (Eclectic Urban Chic Lifestyle Blog)
  2. Funky Brown Chick (Sex Educator)
  3. 2 Brown Girls (Pop Culture Podcast)
  4. (Beauty and Lifestyle Blog)
  5. Black Feminism Lives (Black Feminist Site)
  6. ElixHer (Queer WOC Life and Culture Blog)
  7. Black Girls Rock (Mentoring Organization)
  8. Hey Shenee ( Entrepreneurial Marketing Blog,*Really Inspiring)
  9. Sista Vegan (Vegan, Healthy Living Site)
  10. Hey Fran Hey (She is why I drink green smoothies everyday  )
  11. A Brown Girl Gone Gay (Black Lesbian, Culture Blog)
  12. Black Womyn’s Visual Art (Tumblr on Black Women Visual Art)
  1. Cereus Arts (QWOC Poetry Series)
  2. Sistahs On the Shelf (Black Lesbian Fiction Fan Site)
  3. Reel Sisters (Black Women in Film)
  4. Art in Praxis (Site on the Intersection of Art, Community and Change)
  5. Black Girl Project (Advocacy Organization, Documentary, Annual Conference *Favorite)
  6. Spectra Speaks (QWOC Blog, Passionate)
  7. Saaartje Project, DC (Performance Group)
  8. Corset Magazine (Magazine About Sex and Sexuality)
  9. Black Girl Dangerous (Blog and Literary Activist Forum)
  10. Mambu  (Photography Collective, Digital Magazine, *Favorite)
  11. WOC Survival Kit  (Black Feminist Tumblr)
  1. Black Girls Killing It (Popular Fashion Tumblr)
  2. For Brown Girls (Lifestyle, Self Improvement and Beauty Blog)
  3. Black Women “DO” Workout! (Exercise Blog)
  4. Latinegra Sexologist (Musings of a Latina Sexologist)
  5. Hip Hop is For Lovers (A multimedia website and radio show that discusses love, sex and intimacy through the culture of Hip Hop)
  1. Awesomely Luvvie (Pop Culture and Humor Blog)
  2. Black Girls Talking (Pop Culture Podcast)
  3. What Tami Said  (Black Feminist Blog)
  4. Live Unchained (Blog Featuring Black Women Artists, Globally)
  5. Ava Duvernay (Black Woman Filmmaker)
  6. Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project  (Film Training, Film Festivals)
  7. Queer Women of Color Media Wire ( Media Advocacy, Publisher, Blog – Passionate)
  8. Black Girl Blue  (Blog About Black Girls, Funny)
  9. Feminist Jones (Black Women’s Sexuality Blog – Bold, Funny Feminist)
  10. Womanist Musings
  1. Black Girl Nerdy (Black Girl Nerd Blog)
  2. Regina Agu  (Black Woman Visual Artist)
  3. Lisa. C. Moore (QPOC Publisher)
  4. Brown Girl Burlesque (Burlesque Show)
  5. Afri Love Black Women’s (Art, Culture and Design Blog)
  6. Aphrochic Shop (Beautifully Designed Art, Design and Culture Blog, *Impressive)
  7. Akira Chix  (Organization Focused on Teaching Women and Girls Technology in Africa, *Impressive, *Favorite)
  8. Rachel Stewart Jewelry  (Popular Jewelry Designer)
  9. Sarah Jones  (Poet, Performance Artist)
  10. Damali Ayo (Author, Performance Artist
  1. Eisa Davis (Actress, Singer, *Major Inspiration)
  2. Suzan Lori Parks (Playwright, Filmmaker, *Major Inspiration)
  3. Happy Black Woman (Entrepreneurial Blog and Happiness Initiative, *Deliberate, Good Information)
  4. Lynn Nottage (Writer, Theater Maker, Activist)
  5. Natahsa Tretheway (Poet, Poet Laureate)
  6. Tabitha Brown ( Illustrator and Designer, Favorite*, Favorite**)
  7. Get to Getha (Eclectic Lifestyle and Culture Blog)
  8. Adrienne Kennedy  (Award Winning Playwrite)
  9. Harriet’s Gun Media (Film Production Company)
  10. Think and Grow Chick  (Lifestyle and Self Improvement Blog)
  1. Black Girl Long Hair (Natural Hair Blog)
  2. Keturah Ariel (Visual Artist, Wondeful, Whimsical and Imaginative Images)
  3. Love and Boho (Young Fashion Designer, Great Images)
  4. Brown Girl Collective (Active Online Self Help Community)
  5. Hanifah Walidah (Performance Artist)
  6. The Feminist Wire (A website that provides a socio-political and cultural critique of anti-feminist, anti-racist and anti-imperialist politics)
  7. Hey Shalonda (Singer Songwriter)
  8. King (Indie Music Group, Melodic Voices, Laidback Sounds)
  9. THEE Satisfaction (Musical Group, Eclectic and Fancy, *Favorite)
  10. Franchesca (Popular Vlogger, Honest, Funny, *Favorite)
  1. Awkward Black Girl (Popular Web Series)
  2. Stacey Muhammad (Filmmaker)
  3. Res (Independent Artist, Visionary)
  4. Chef Ahki (Vegan Food Artist)
  5. Food Heaven Made Easy (Food Blog, Vegan, Responsible for me eating more vegetables 
  6. Avery Sunshine (Independent Singer, Songwriter)
  7. Black Girls are From the Future (A book, a blog, a community, a hashtag, merchandise a movement that started with me and you in 2010!)


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