Blogging Since 2005!

I have been blogging since 2005, and one of the essays that I am writing for the book is about the process of claiming my writing voice and using the blog space to do so.

When I sit back and think about the key changes that have occurred on the internet over the last four years I will say that there are three.

Pre-Facebook blogging offered, in some ways best opportunity for a writer developing her voice to develop her voice, to connect with other writers and to connect with and build an audience. There is more content than there are readers in 2013.

The technology has caught up with my thinking. Meaning, 5 years ago I would not have been able to install, and customize this template.  This week, I did all of the work. So the ability of a person who is a content producer, and who is tech savvy to have control over how their work is represented on the internet is a key change that I have observed.

Video is key to having a voice and distinguishing yourself in 2013. If you are not on video then there is simply a lack of engagement. When I posted the video this past March on the Black Girls Are From the Future Documentary series the engagement was intense. There were site visits from Africa, Jamaica, London and nearly twenty states in the US. Half of the site visits were from people in educational institutions. What I learned then was that

There are other changes that have occurred, and I will detail them in the book. Sign up to receive updates about this labor of Love here.

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