Doom. Grim. Forest Whitaker and Toni Morrison, all in one God Loving Blog Post! I Love America

Grim made the cover of the Voice.

I ain’t know he was heavy in the streets like that. Peep the details.

Things got worse. On a snowy January day in 1994, shortly after getting his hair cut in Harlem, Carey stepped into his stepbrother Jansen Smalls’s car en route to a meeting with an Atlantic Records representative, who was courting Carey for a record deal. But just as Smalls turned the ignition, bullets riddled the car, puncturing Carey’s left arm, gut, neck, and lungs. Smalls was killed instantly.

“It was a blizzard, and snow was all over the windows, so I couldn’t see much,” Carey recalls. “There were several different people shooting, and the whole car was annihilated. I don’t know who shot me. I was dealing, and when you get to a certain plateau, everyone knows you, though you might not know who they are. They think that doing something to you will benefit them, whether it’s for a rep or financially.”

This is the second time in two weeks that I have heard Black men talk about “breaking up” their artistic relationship and how they are coping with it.

Where is the documentary on Broken Rap Groups. EPMD. Pete Rock and CL. Tribe. MC Pooh & Too Short. The Alcoholics. I can see it now.

So-called “dis tracks” are commonplace in rap music, of course. But “Book of Daniel” is different. When Carey isn’t threatening Dumile, he’s appealing for reconciliation. “Come home, Zev,” he pleads near the song’s end. “I can’t act like I don’t have no love for him,” Carey says now. “I care about him so much that it caused the conflict that we have today. The more I speak about him, the more it becomes to the world like I’m bitter toward his success. He was bound to be successful, but the plan was for him to direct that success toward the others. If our plan is to get up over a wall, and I push you up and help you get over the wall and you don’t throw a rope for me, then it’s going to be an issue.”


Robert Colescott, an artist that resides in Oakland, has a show at the Kravets Wehby Gallery at 521 West 21st street.


Im such a dork.
I had no idea that the dude in Borat was Ali G.


Holy Sh*t.

There is a production of Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye.

Why am I just now hearing about this?

Eleven-year-old Pecola can articulate only her own desperate hopes of course, not the sociological and psychological toxins they signify. It is Ms. Morrison who explores the cultural pathology behind them with lyrical grace in her impressionistic novel, which unfolds Pecola?s sad story from a variety of perspectives. The complex narrative is faithfully translated to the stage in the Steppenwolf Theater Company?s adaptation of the book, which is being presented by the New Victory Theater at the Duke Theater on 42nd Street. (Because of its sexual content, the production is aimed at ?teens and young adults,? the press materials say.)


Armond White is a fool!

We don’t agree all the time. But this fool is funny as h*ll on paper. What he had to say about Forrest Whitaker in The Last King.

?Boo!? Forest Whitaker says in The Last King of Scotland, the newest boogie man movie. This one purports to have a historical basis, showing how the late Ugandan dictator Idi Amin, charmed a gullible white medical student (James McAvoy) into being his personal physician and advisor. But the result is still another scary black man stereotype. How did Samuel L. Jackson let this role get away?

This ruse inadvertently points to the film industry?s multiplicity of black screen effigies who are either junkies, thieves, convicts, murders, rapists, liars, philanderers, etc. By scaring the daylights out of his white sidekick, Whitaker?s showcase comes off as little more than a super Training Day: King Kong Idi Amin.


Where is Robert Christgau? How we gone have Nas, Jay Z and the Clipse, but not the old school white homie to write the dope music critiques????


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  1. J!!! says

    yo i just saw that borat movie yesterday. it was straight crazy.did u see it???

    you gonna see that forst whitaker movie??? i kinda wanna see it. if a black guy doesnt play idi, who else is supposed to?

    whos this grim fellow???

  2. J!!! says

    nope. dont know em. i actually downloaded one mf doom song cause a while back i remember you sayin it was hot. but i never really listened to any of these cats. i remember some kid always arguing about how hot mf doom was while i was in audio school, but then niggaz would always be like, shut up and sit your ass down. gimmie some songs to download. you know like a “best of” mf doom playlist.

  3. Hummingbyrd says




    I just just heard about THAT NYC EPMD SHOW.

    Ain’t that a B*TCH.

    You know Im excited when Im cussin:)

  4. the prisoner's wife says

    lmao@Forest Whitaker….i always viewed him as the boogie man anyway. i think it’s that wayward eye.

    ps–waddup sis.