Million Minority Movement: Survey Results

Thank you to all who completed the survey,
I have seventeen responses so far and would really
like twenty.

Here is a short summary:

41% of you volunteer in your community
58% of you don’t

Some of the things that we can do in hip hop to change the music is:

  • community outreach with increased focus on sex education and gender studies. Get non misogynistic black males out in the streets to catch these kids early, educate them about sexism and violence as key components in the dissolution of the greater black community.
  • Encourage a movement that includes youth speaking for youth.
  • 1. Support and get press for artists creating counter-violent, counter-sexist music. 2. Educate youth on the original core values of hip hop, and teach them how to advocate in their communities. 3. Create a social network where people can share information on counter-violent, counter-sexist artists and

You all were clear about donating money to social justice initiatives.
88% yes
11% no.

  • We would need to be very sure of who we were donating to AND we would need to tell them exactly why we were donating and what needs to be done in the next session for us to KEEP donating
  • But… it depends on the type of support it is providing.It would have to be something pretty radical. In my lifetime, I’ve seen “support” for low income families used to keep them low income.
  • it’s gonna take grassroots efforts. i was watching this video about generational research….there’s usually 4 generations alive at any given time…a builder generation that says we can do anything, the next generation that says, ‘we can do anything better than our parents did’, the next that says ‘we don’t want to do anything our parents did’, and the next that, in rebellion to all that, want to do new things and make a real difference. that is the generation that is up and coming now. it’s a really ripe time for grassroots efforts like you’re talking about.

You all were far more skeptical about obtaining shares in record companies,
or rather the parent corporations that own the labels.
58% yes
41% no

  • Unsure… Not sure if buying a small amount of stock would make a big enough difference. You’d need to purchase a LARGE amount for them to even take you seriously.
  • I’d like to have a voice.
  • the record company would just buy 2 Bentleys and tell you to fuck off on the album
  • As a professional equity trader, I think it would be incredibly difficult to gain a seat on the board to influence which records are released. Good luck anyway. To the equity trader who said good luck with buying shares

I have question for the equity trader, what are some of the foreseeable
obstacles that we may face? I wasn’t as much focused on obtaining
a seat on the board, as I am interested in having a voice during the proxy vote.
Please contact me at
I would encourage you to check out the work of ICCR, which is an
organization that lobby’s corporations on the behalf of institutional shareholders (church’s, non profits, state pensions) to make socially responsible
investment decisions.

I didn’t envision us working alone. I envisioned using pooling our shares
with others who shared a concern about violence and sexism in the industry.

In short, I have one more survey. It is only two questions. I need to know
which specific social justice and hip hop initiatives you would support with your

The way that I craft my strategy is by starting with the goals first.

I look forward to your responses.

Click Here to take survey

***Thank you to C DUBB for graciously pointing out that I had the content
posted twice.

I Didn’t Want the Police

Yesterday I was in the train station not feeling too hot.
The outfit was fly, but I just was not in the mood for the
juvenile attention
that the outfit seemed to provoke.
As if clothes provoke behavior. These young men all
have home training, whether they choose to use it is
something completely different.

As I stood on the platform, alone, as I just gotten off the
express to get the local a young buck, approximately
17 years old Black male, grazed my book and said
“Why you touch me?”

I responded. “What? You touched me”. Then he walked up on me.
Typically, I would be all for the teaching moment. Or even
challenging him on some “Fall back ock.”


I had had a long day. Mercury is clearly in retrograde, as I
attempted to go to a meeting, but it that was actually on
Friday night, not Saturday morning. Then I went to brunch
and I realized I left my wallet home. The wallet was in another
bag and I failed to transfer it back over. I tried to put together
a little “Welcome back” get-together for Saturday night,
but I had to cancel it because of conflicts with schedules.

I was bummed out.

So yeah. I had had it and it wasn’t even 2pm yet.

But the day had improved because I got a few books from the library,
one of which was.Shadowboxing, Black Feminist Representations
by Joy James
, which is what I was reading when the young man
bumped into me. In fact, at the time of the incident, I was reading a
sentence where Angela Y. Davis, was speaking on the need
to eradicate the prison system as it exists today.

So back to the young man. He walked up on me, and
I paid it mind, but then paid it no mind. I had been
getting harassed all day. Sad to say, but I was partially

He mumbled something, and I did my, “Why are you enraged, whats
the problem?” Looking back at that moment, he was slightly
pacing like a lion.

There was no one else in our area of the platform.

Then it changed. He walked up on me again, and said, cocked his head,
and said “Don’t touch me, I will do something to you.”

My inner said, word?

Hood training stipulates that, at that moment I needed to have agency.

Run or Knuckle up.

I immediately thought I am over here, by myself, with two bags and
a four books in my hand.

No one else is on this part of the platform.

I turned and ran up the stairs, I looked back. He was following me.

I proceeded to the police station, looked back and he was
still following me.

I walked into the police station. He followed me in.

I didn’t want to do it ya’ll. Right now I am working on a position paper
to address the Preschool to Prison Pipeline and one of the major things
that I am advocating for is for support and intervention for young men
that doesn’t involve the police as the primary method of intervention.

The idea is for the young men to interact with two or three people
before the police gets involved with the notion that once they are
involved in the courts, the dehumanization process has started
and that there is very difficult to recover from that.

So, I walked into the police station and said, this young man
is harassing me.

Get this, as soon as I said that, he started speaking over me
saying that, I was harassing him.

I kid you not.

It was like it was a game for him. Like we were both high schoolers
and going to the prinipals office to tattle.

NYPD is not a game

The burley white officer says, “One of you’se wait outside”.
I sat down on the bench in the station.

The young man waited outside.

Popo comes over to me asks what happened. He is all business.
Its odd because I am both emotional and rationale.
I hesitate because I can’t believe I am sitting there,
as the words come out, I realize emotionally what just happened
and it f*cks me up a little bit. I am sitting on the bench
and the officer is standing over me, and another Latina
officer, in plain clothes joins him, as an observer. She is quiet.

He first asks me if I know him. I tell him what happened. The
whole time I am thinking, I don’t want to be here, I don’t want
to be talking to him, I just want to go the coffee shop and
work on my blog post and short stories.

The officers asks if I want to him to be held. I am thinking,
“Man, I live over here, I might see this kid again”. But then,
the young man is wild enough and presumably unstable enough
to follow me into a police station, him being held is irrelevant.
Potentially seeing him again is something I have no control over.

I tell the police, that I am just going to remove myself from the situation
and go take a bus on the street. They tell me that they are going to
hold and question him anyways, “Just so that, you know, he can tell his
side” and I think to myself, why did they asked me if thats what their
procedure was in the first place? I got up. Walked out. The young man
walked in. I proceed to the bus stop, noticed Filth called and
called him back.

Ironically, when that crane fell on Thursday, my momma called me to see
if I was okay. I was like “Momma, there is more of a chance of something
happening to me in Oakland than here” as Oakland
had been experiencing a series of BRAZEN daylight robberies
by teenagers. I now eat my words.

I am okay. I am grateful for my intuition, my god given intuition
which told me to have agency when the young man said “he would do
something to me”.

*I checked Mercury’s status while editing this piece.
It’s comforting that I was accurate

Only Built for Bloggy Links

Links make the world go ’round.

Anwar has some poetry that I was also pleasantly surprised by.

I came across Doorknockers and was surprised to find a
kindred spirit.
B-Girls, check. Bk & The Bay, Check.
Boom Bap, Check.

Peep this map of humanity. I heart maps.

HHIR has just posted samples for both BlackStar and Big Doe Rehab.

Keak and Prodigy have a video together for That Go. Its odd,
because you can tell that they WERE never on set together. I wonder
what how that fact would improve this attempt.

G has just posted the Parents TV Council Analysis of MTV’s and BET’s
daytime programming.

Specifically, this report provides a detailed analysis of adult content that aired on BET?s Rap City and 106 & Park and on MTV?s Sucker Free on MTV. These shows were chosen due to their daily new and recent video releases as well as the fact that they all aired during afternoon or early evening hours.

Ming-Tzu @ GrandGood has video of the EPMD, Naughty By Nature,
Lords of the Underground, DITC show. Vin is quite the HYPE man.

B-Boy, Morgan Alexander Jones, breaks down how his life is lived
as a working, beat boxing-artist, living in China.

Any funny stories?
A Chinese girl was walking past me and muttered a strangely straightforward phrase in Chinese: ?Wow, there are a lot of black people in this country now.? So I turned around and yelled back to her ?Yeah, there are a lot of black people in this country now … and they speak Chinese, too.?

Don’t hesitate to send me interesting links :::

Gonzalez Resigned!

SAY word.

WASHINGTON – Alberto Gonzales, the nation’s first Hispanic attorney general, announced his resignation Monday, driven from office after a wrenching standoff with congressional critics over his honesty and competence.

Republicans and Democrats alike had demanded his departure over the botched handling of FBI terror investigations and the firings of U.S. attorneys, but President Bush had defiantly stood by his Texas friend for months until accepting his resignation last Friday.

“After months of unfair treatment that has created a harmful distraction at the Justice Department, Judge Gonzales decided to submit his resignation and I have accepted his decision,” Bush said from Texas, where he is vacationing.

Solicitor General Paul Clement will be acting attorney general until a replacement is found and confirmed by the Senate, Bush said.

Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff was among those mentioned as possible successors, though a senior administration official said the matter had not been raised with Chertoff. Bush leaves Washington next Monday for Australia, and Gonzales’ replacement might not be named by then, the official said.

The Democrats CAN actually be effective. But now, it was some Repubs that was like
“this lil mexican negro GOT TA GO”.

The Blog/Innernets ‘Bout to go Nuts.

I wonder what the implications are for his Homies.

Where my homies/ creepin’ throught the hood/
where my homies/ up to no good/
come around my wayyyyyyyyy
~ Ill and Al Scratch.


They announce this sh*t today to distract from the Katrina Anniversary?


Redman Earns the 2007 Life Time Achievement Award.

Classic Redman lives.

I was on my way from Trader Joes tonight and I saw the Red Gone Wild bus in front of Virgin, so I took a coupla flicks for the blog.

Reggie deserves a lifetime achievement award. For trill.

He is the only cat from his era making relevent music that reaches the masses.

Whut Thee Album predated Ilmatic by a year.

N*gga been in the game for 15 years. Count them fif-teen.

Think about it.

Throught the ages. Dudes Albums all knock.

Sh*t I listen to Dare iz a Darkside once a week damn near.

So here’s to you Redman.

For being gully.

For controlling your career.

For having skits funnier than half the shows on TV. (somebody needs to give this man a reality tv show. Yesterday).

Not becoming embittered and complaining about:
“the game”
“how you can’t eat”
“how the fans have changed”

and just continuing to make music that I can listen to while I clean up, get dressed to go out or just eat some cereal and read the Times.


You all got it?

Wachu think?