The New York Times Loves Dramagate.

How Assimilated Negro gon’ get a New York Times Mention.

Shhh***T. Hummingbyrd wanta Times Mention.

THE White Castle on East Fordham Road in the Bronx shimmered as if glazed. A Valentine?s Day of snow and freezing rain had left a thin layer of ice on its crenellated exterior and several inches of accumulation in the parking lot and on the sidewalk. There were few cars and even fewer pedestrians.

For this year, a mix of fawning and snarky local news media coverage ? including a win-a-date contest with the blogger The Assimilated Negro ? seemed to augur well. After all, Ms. Simpson said, reading from a plaque, the fast-food chain has operated an outpost on East Fordham Road in Belmont since Aug. 10, 1930.


New York Times Breaks Down Dramagate. Its so funny observing how a writer breaks down mix tapes to the largely white masses.

A mixtape can consist of remixes of hit songs ? for instance, the Aphilliates offered a CD of classic Michael Jackson songs doctored by a Detroit D.J. Or it can feature a rapper ?freestyling,? or improvising raps, over the beat from another artist?s song; so, on one mixtape, LL Cool J?s ?Love You Better? became 50 Cent?s ?After My Cheddar.? In most cases, the D.J. modifies the original song without acquiring the rights to it, and if he wants to throw in a sample of Ray Charles singing or a line from a Bugs Bunny cartoon, he doesn?t worry about copyright. The language on mixtapes is raw and uncensored; rappers sometimes devote a whole CD to insulting another rapper by name.

Ummmm raw and uncensored. Thats the way we like it.

But Drama and Cannon?s studio was not a bootlegging plant; it was a place where successful new hip-hop CDs were regularly produced and distributed. Drama and Cannon are part of a well-regarded D.J. collective called the Aphilliates. Although their business almost certainly violated federal copyright law, as well as a Georgia state law that requires CDs to be labeled with the name and address of the producers, they were not simply stealing from the major labels; they were part of an alternative distribution system that the mainstream record industry uses to promote and market hip-hop artists. Drama and Cannon have in recent years been paid by the same companies that paid Kilgo to help arrest them.

Sh*t is alternative AND STILL ILLEGAL. Record industry don’t have no codes.

Music+Capitalism = Greasy.

One of the CDs confiscated by R.I.A.A. investigators during the Atlanta raid was ?Dedication 2,? a mixtape that DJ Drama made with Lil Wayne, a New Orleans rapper; it appeared on the Billboard hip-hop and R&B charts and was widely reviewed in the mainstream press. (Kelefa Sanneh of The New York Times chose ?Dedication 2? as one of the 10 best recordings of 2006.) As the R.I.A.A. agents boxed up Drama?s stash of ?Dedication 2,? the CD continued to sell well at major retailers like Best Buy and FYE (a national chain of record stores) and also at the iTunes Store online.

The economics of mixtapes appeal to XL, and so do their politics; as he sees it, mixtapes undermine the power of major record labels and radio stations. ?Most artists can?t afford to get their music on the radio, but an artist has the right to let his fan base hear what he?s done,? XL said. ?Who is the label to dictate how to feed the fan base?

Ahhhhh. Drama, drama, drama. Easy Star. The labels don’t GIVE out vaseline w/ contracts.

Labels prefer to use established mixtape D.J.?s like Drama, rather than produce promotional CDs themselves, Stewart said, because ?the best D.J.?s have a better brand than the average label does.?

Not only this, but they also have a rep to maintain so the damn mixtapes are gonna reflect that.

Although the deals are informal and often secret, labels typically pay a prominent D.J. like Drama $10,000 to $15,000 to produce a mixtape for an artist. The label?s representatives, Stewart explained, adopt what amounts to a don?t ask, don?t tell policy about the D.J.?s plans to sell the work; what the D.J. does with his copy of the master, Stewart said, ?is his own business.? For successful D.J.?s, mixtape sales can bring considerable revenue. Mixtapes sell for anywhere from $5 to $10 on the street or on a Web site like Mixunit, and overhead is low, since the CDs cost only about 50 cents to manufacture and D.J.?s rarely pay royalties or licensing fees.

Ahhh. Here is the Rub. The labels are a business w/ shareholders and like the governement, they want they cut.

Pimp C, a Texas rapper who is half of the popular underground hip-hop duo UGK, has repeatedly refused to participate in a UGK mixtape despite requests by his record label and, he said, from countless mixtape D.J.?s. Pimp C told me that because there is no paper trail, mixtape D.J.?s are able to invent sales figures, and they routinely claim that, after their overhead, they just break even. But based on his experience producing two of his own mixtapes, Pimp C suspects D.J.?s make plenty; they just don?t want to give artist a cut.

Pimp C kinda gully for coming w/ it in media like this. So DJ’s got the labels AND the Artist in that @ss. Muy interesante.

Drama?s arrest shook up mixtape D.J.?s and promoters across the country. But even in the days immediately following the raid, D.J.?s continued to release tapes ? some with hastily added tracks on which rappers cursed the R.I.A.A. ? and major labels continued to e-mail them new tracks.

Capitalism is such a delicious shark.


Dramagate Scores are in.

Drama 1. Labels 1. Artists. 0.

Watch Beyond Beats and Rhymes Tonight on PBS.



Currrrrtissss: 50 Starts ’07 Off w/ a Bang.

Do you think Jay would have answered the phone if Cam called HIM while he was Hot 97?

The top ten funniest things about this video:

1. Setting the tone w/ the GQ photograph.

2. Cam Ghost ridin’ tha whip.

3. Dude @ at the end of the video saying:

If you don’t f*ck with the street and you a legit
muthafucka you got a pass, If you fuck with the street, you a @sshole. Cuurrrrtis.

4. A simulated 50 wearning a gorrila mask and NYPD hoodie. Scandless!

4. Cam poppin’ out the casket.

5. Cam rapping and fryin’ up bacon in the bodega kitchen. Priceless.

I can’t say that he is lacking in charisma. HE NEEDS HIS OWN MTV SHOW.

My only question is, which of these two cats has projects coming out in the 1st or 2nd quarter?


Watchu think?


17 Billion Spent on Valentines Day.

Whenever I see Black women on magazines I am reminded of the fact that when Black women are on the cover of magazines, the mag’s sell 30-40% less than when a white women is on the cover.

According to the magazine editors, black faces do sell – at least, if the personality is well-liked. If she isn’t, it won’t, it’s as simple as that, and it has nothing to do with colour.

“There are a limited number of (black) subjects that we can use,” says Sam Baker, editor of Cosmopolitan.

“There is one I won’t name because she is quite litigious, but is really not very popular with readers, and you want to feature subjects that people actually like. Cosmo has featured Beyonce and Mel B, so I know that placing black women works.”

What dismayed me was that so few editors even thought about their cover choices in terms of race or colour. If you grow up and mix with people who look like you, and if you haven’t met anyone who doesn’t, then you wouldn’t think about fashion advice or make-up tips going beyond your clique.

Here’s to the Yonce for closing the gap. She is on the COVER of this years Sports Illustrated SWIMSUIT ISSUE. That girl gives me HIP ENVY.

I ain’t make this sh*t up. This was out of the mouth of a Parsons Media Design
student. Deep hunh.


Kiplingers says 17B is spent on Valentines. The National Retail Foundation says 13.2B. Either way you slice it its, HELLLA PAPER N*GGA. This is my first single V-tines day, in how many years? I think I need two hands to count. Don’t cry for me Argentina. Actually I feel less pressed.

Its cool to not be worried about what im gonna or not gonna get.

It helps when you have jump off representing lovely and don’t mind puttin in nat twerk. Heeey.

Last year, BL and I HAD HELLA FUNK. He was on some, “I don’t feel society telling me what and when I should spend”. That was cool. But then I was like, “Didn’t you spend HELLA PAPER for XMAS 7 weeks ago?”.

Xmas is different apparently.

Looking back on this time last year reminds me that the dope thing about being neurotic is that your life is allways different than it was last year.

A fellow scandless a*s blogger had a jawn use her major department store discount to buy the next jawn a v-tines present.

He Buggin!

Which leads me to the question of, what are your v-tines best/worst gift stories? Or rant about how you hate the sh*t in general.


Did I mention that its snowin’ hella hard, and I need to go to the library? I feel like if I walk outside, Im not gonna be in Kansas anymore.


The Female Brain 101: Pick up a Pen, Cop a Squat and Take Notes.

Dr. Louann Briendine breaks down the women, men, communications and hormones in her book The Female Brain.

Her general thesis is that because of evolution women are hard wired, and largely regulated by hormones, to pay attention to non verbal cues, emotional expressions and body language, because THEY are historically primarily responsible for and ensuring the survival of infant babies, who incidently CAN’T talk.

Peep these fact nuggets.

  • In the brain centers for language and hearing, for example, women have 11 percent more neurons than men. The principal hub of both emotion and memory formation- the hippocampus- is also larger in the female brain, as is the brain circuitry for language and observing emotions in others. This means that women are , on average, better at expressing emotions and remembering the details of emtotional events.
  • Men by contrast have two and half times the brain space devoted to sexual drive as well as larger brain centers for action and aggression.
  • At the 8th week of fetal development, the fetus experiences a “a huge testosterone surge” which will turn the “unisex brain male by killing off some of the cells in the communication centers and growing more cells n the sex and agression cetners. If the testosterones surge doesn’t happen, the femal brain continutes to grow unperterbed.
  • The emotional gatekeeper is the amygdala, an almond shaped structure located deep within the brain. Part of the reason why a womans memory is better for emotional details is that her amydala is more easily activated by emotional nuance. The stronger the amygdala response to a stressfull situation such as an accident or a threat, a romantic dinner, the more detials the hippocampus will take memory storage about the experience.
  • Because of ancient wiring, men are used to avoiding contact with others when they themselves are going through an emotionaly rough time. They process their troubles alone and think women would want to do the same. Periscope down: submarine dives twenty fathoms to solve it alone.


M.P. Wil.e., Neo and J.

I know all-a-‘yall gonna have something to say about this post.

Bring it.


America Likes Nice Black Men.

I was on the train from Harlem last night after the superbowl and I heard this white boy going on and on about how Dungy was such a “nice” guy and it was great that he won the superbowl.

And I began to think.

America Likes Nice Black men.

So here is my list. Nice Black men. AND Not Nice Black men. It would make a great video game if we gave them guns and so they could kill each other, right.

Nice Black Men.
Muhammad Ali (New School)


Lovie Smith

Tony Dungy.

Bill Cosby

Forest “I thought he was British” Whitaker

Michael Jordan

Eddie Murphy.

Colin Powell.

Will Smith.

Chris Rock.

Not Nice Black Men

Muhammad Ali (Old School)

Spike Lee



Mike Tyson


James Brown

Al Sharpton

Deon Sanders

Randy Moss

Huey Newton



I know I missed some people. Feel free to add on to the list.