Redman Earns the 2007 Life Time Achievement Award.

Classic Redman lives.

I was on my way from Trader Joes tonight and I saw the Red Gone Wild bus in front of Virgin, so I took a coupla flicks for the blog.

Reggie deserves a lifetime achievement award. For trill.

He is the only cat from his era making relevent music that reaches the masses.

Whut Thee Album predated Ilmatic by a year.

N*gga been in the game for 15 years. Count them fif-teen.

Think about it.

Throught the ages. Dudes Albums all knock.

Sh*t I listen to Dare iz a Darkside once a week damn near.

So here’s to you Redman.

For being gully.

For controlling your career.

For having skits funnier than half the shows on TV. (somebody needs to give this man a reality tv show. Yesterday).

Not becoming embittered and complaining about:
“the game”
“how you can’t eat”
“how the fans have changed”

and just continuing to make music that I can listen to while I clean up, get dressed to go out or just eat some cereal and read the Times.


You all got it?

Wachu think?


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  1. the prisoner's wife says

    i love Reggie Noble!

    when he first came out dude was GRIMEY as hell. he cleans up nicely. i had the chance to meet him once, back in my Wake Up Show days…he’s a cool person…always high…but cool.

  2. Dj Triple Threat says

    he cleans up nicely

    Don’t we just love when black men do that!