Thank you for Moya and Jessica.

For the last two years. Moya and Jessica have taken my calls, given me advice, listened to me while I was in tears and wanted to drop out.

Listened to me deal with breaking up with Filthy, listened to me deal with what it means to be a graduate student in a Research 1 University.

They are both hella busy.

Both dissertating. Both have jobs, family and Love bears of their own, yet they have taken the time to help me.

I am grateful, because they always challenge and support me.

Furthermore, they never play hide the ball on some “I ain’t gonna help her because she might get a job or fellowship I want” and they know #Blackgirlsarefromthefuture.

You know how you call someone and say  “Hey, How do I go about finding a summer lecturing job doing the cold call” and you never hear back from them? Well, last week, I asked them both that question and they both answered quickly, with thorough assed answers.

I guess what I am trying to say is that you two have shown me what Love looks like while being Black womenin an academic space.

You don’t have to do what you do and I appreciate the fact, that, not only do you do it. But you do it consistently.




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  1. says

    Women being supportive of other women is the way of the future. Nice to see a group of women that aren’t in competition with one another and are helping not hindering.

    @CtKscribe one of the ladies I follow tweeted this yesterday, “As a woman you will never be BADASS if you do not support women.” I believe this to my core.

    Friendships like these two you have are few and far between. The fact that you took time to publicly say thank you is awesome. Kudos to you!

  2. Renina says

    Hi Lidia-Anain….These women have held me down and it was on my heart to say something.

    Thats how I get down…

    #ummhmm. Thank you for commenting.