8 Top Moments from Rafi & Dallas’s Checkmate

1. Ben of Consumerist saying, “I can’t wrap my head
around the idea
of paying someone for my own money”.
Ben, Ben, Ben, welcome to the hood.

2. “One stop shopping, income tax time is here”. GRIMEY.

3. Who wants to walk out of a check cashing spot with their money?

4. I want to keep this whole American economy rolling.

5. Another reason the poor stay winning. Dallas is foul for that.

6. Bankers workers love to drink Starbucks.

7. “Banks… are beholden to their shareholders not to their
customers…often at the expense of the low income customers” Real Talk.

8. Debt is the new money. I’m through. I’m out. Dead.

I love the teaching through sarcasm. It’s way less heavy handed
than the sh*t I write.

I would have like to have seen an interview with someone
who has the numbers on the collective impact of check cashing
operations on the hood. Another suggestion would be a visual
comparing how much money is spent over a year, cashing a monthly
$ 1200 check at a bank versus a check cashing spot.

M Dot Does Dallas: Birthday Gristle Edition

If you would have told me last year that I would be living in
the Bay
and spending my born day in Dallas, I would have been like,
shut the f- up.

But I am, and its interesting.

The dope thing about coming
home is that you are around people that love
you NO
matter what.
They don’t care about a fancy job,
law degree, your career aspirations. They
just love you on g.p.

They are also obnoxious as SH*T, but hey, thats my fam.

Living in New York, I forgot what that felt like and I was never home long
enough to let those sentiments bubble to the surface.

Last year, Mean Sexy and I had a birthday jump off.
Our birthdays are a day apart.

I drove BL crazy last year. Buying balloons, schlepping Trader Joes
chicken and lemon grass fritters, veggie dumpling hor’d’eroes,

mixing a BIG -SSED Pot of Sangria.

Have you ever tried driving in a car full of balloons? Tons of fun!

Birthday parties are hard work.

And now we are at a new year.

I came to Dallas for this one and its dope.

Its warm, the Barnes and Noble is Big as sh*t and
its my first OU/TEXAS weekend. <<<---I just wanna see the Cowboys. As far as life in general goes, Im in a New/Old City, I got a new gig, and Sweet Jesus appears to be
positioning himself to be filing taxes
with me, lol.

Speaking of men, why your boy the graduate gonna e-mail me
last week talking about “I saw someone last week reminded me of
…..” I just looked that the screen like, you ain’t want me, but you liked
having me around and now you send THIS Messages?
I didn’t respond to his last e-mail in August talking about
“Can I asked what happened?”, so I hope he doesn’t
think that I am going to start doing so now.

My rationale has always been, MUCH to the CHAGRIN of N*ggas
that if you ain’t my DUDE then you can’t expect shit.
CONVERSELY, if I ain’t yours the same applies.
And trust, that led to some VERY disappointing summer holidays
for me.
But, my code was “he ain’t mine” so I had to stand by that,
nah mean?

N*ggas bugg me out with they unsolicited-Asperger-influenced

I guess he misses me and that is his way of communicating it.

Men. Go figure.

Back to life changes. In the grand scheme of it all, honestly,
I am just happy to be able to read a West Elm catalog
and go into Ikea without thinking about all the lovely
furniture that I had hobbled together for my BK apartment,
then gave
away when I moved.

I will say what was really helpful was talking to TMR
(the resident Katrinian), my momma, and my aunt about
how they recovered from losing mad sh*t when
they moved or just LEAVING ENTIRE apartments/houses behind.

With regard to the gig, it is with a non-profit, and they want me. So that
feels good. For the record, why do employers think its okay to
treat employees, temp or otherwise like WARM BODIES?

Talk about divesting in your OWN human capital.
CEO’s and Human Resources NEED TEACHIN’.

Any hoo.

After working in the M & A in an investment bank for the first time (for
a VERY short period of time) in my life
I realize that the only way I will thrive in that environment
is if a white
man with authority has a vested interested in my remaining there.
Otherwise, I can see myself- albeit talented, shrewed and hardworking,
getting FROZE the F*CK out.


What new changes y’all going through?

You watchin’ college ball?

Y’all heard the new 9th Wonder?


M.Dot Does Dallas.

5 Things That are HELLA FRESH
about Dallas,
or North Dallas to be exact.

1. Southern Hospitality.
You walk into a spot, and
employees greet you as if they are happy to see you
and seem just generally glad to have your business.

2. Black folks got being simultaneously aggressive
and assertive ON LOCK.
I need to learn how to be more proficient at
that as a legal writer.
I first noticed it in Sweet Jesus’s demeanor a coupla
weeks ago on the phone.
But they got that sh*t by the truck loads.
Its damn near a survival technique

3. I dreamed I was at the mall, getting some Carols daughter,
[which I haven’t used in years] and I started choppin
it up with Erykah about 7 and how he gettin’ all big now.

4. The quality of life is bananas. $100K houses. $300K condos.
Real talk.

5. It looks like Oakland. Flat. Lots of Negros and Mexicanos.


What should I see in Dallas before I peace-c-ya-lata?


Blogging on Vacation.

So. Im in Dallas.

Hence the lapse in posting, but I missed y’all like cooked food.

Between July 12th and July 13th, I had SEVERAL experiences with
the customer service reps at the US Air:

a. A customer service rep Hated on me, and
wouldn’t waive a fee. Old boy was like, bend over,
sans Vaseline. Threw my whole actionplan off. BUT.
Thats what you get trynna do standby, NOT ON JET
BLUE. The N*gga had the nerve to be old enough to
be my daddy AND was HATIN’.

b. A customer service rep had my ticket changed
w/o paying extra.

c. I chatted it up with a Marine/National guard on the
benifits and specs of the M16 that he was carrying.

d. And finally a supervisor bumped me up to first class,
so I slurpped
chardonnay in seat 1C.
^^^^^That sh*t will have you spoiled for real.

e. My favorite scene was me, in TYYYYYUGHT jeans,
sparkle-y shoes, and quasi sheer yellow blouse telling
the 3rd customer service rep “I did not authorize
the 1800 number to find out WHEN THE NEXT,
Since when does calling a customer service agent
constitute and authorization
and permission to change my [MUTHAF_CKIN] schedule”.

White folks at the desk next to mine, was like what
kinda uppity negro is this?


Why do you think traveling is so f*cking emotional ock?