M.Dot Does Dallas.

5 Things That are HELLA FRESH
about Dallas,
or North Dallas to be exact.

1. Southern Hospitality.
You walk into a spot, and
employees greet you as if they are happy to see you
and seem just generally glad to have your business.

2. Black folks got being simultaneously aggressive
and assertive ON LOCK.
I need to learn how to be more proficient at
that as a legal writer.
I first noticed it in Sweet Jesus’s demeanor a coupla
weeks ago on the phone.
But they got that sh*t by the truck loads.
Its damn near a survival technique

3. I dreamed I was at the mall, getting some Carols daughter,
[which I haven’t used in years] and I started choppin
it up with Erykah about 7 and how he gettin’ all big now.

4. The quality of life is bananas. $100K houses. $300K condos.
Real talk.

5. It looks like Oakland. Flat. Lots of Negros and Mexicanos.


What should I see in Dallas before I peace-c-ya-lata?


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  1. M.Dot. says

    The Minority Reporter said…

    and u hella ignant for that title…”M.Dot Does Dallas” LMAO

    m.dot. <<<----a beast.

  2. Aunt Jackie says

    if you are still there make sure that you see the flag shit Neiman Marcus store…it’s simply amazing. I could live there!

  3. M.Dot. says


    I saw that down the block.

    The flag ship is here.

    I can’t be spending my cell phone money but Momma needs a new pair of shoes!

  4. Dallas says

    and here it was I thought I was about to score some iNternets Celebrity poon.

    Damn you Texas!