8 Top Moments from Rafi & Dallas’s Checkmate

1. Ben of Consumerist saying, “I can’t wrap my head
around the idea
of paying someone for my own money”.
Ben, Ben, Ben, welcome to the hood.

2. “One stop shopping, income tax time is here”. GRIMEY.

3. Who wants to walk out of a check cashing spot with their money?

4. I want to keep this whole American economy rolling.

5. Another reason the poor stay winning. Dallas is foul for that.

6. Bankers workers love to drink Starbucks.

7. “Banks… are beholden to their shareholders not to their
customers…often at the expense of the low income customers” Real Talk.

8. Debt is the new money. I’m through. I’m out. Dead.

I love the teaching through sarcasm. It’s way less heavy handed
than the sh*t I write.

I would have like to have seen an interview with someone
who has the numbers on the collective impact of check cashing
operations on the hood. Another suggestion would be a visual
comparing how much money is spent over a year, cashing a monthly
$ 1200 check at a bank versus a check cashing spot.