“Third World as Retirement Home”>>These Negros

These negros are talking about shipping
the elderly from the Global north (First world
north) to the Global south (Third world south)?

So you mean to tell me, rather than deal
with humans where they are, to provide them with
health care after they have worked, had children,
paid taxes, fought in wars, they will be
shipped somewhere else because it “makes
more sense.” This is profound.

This is another example of the ways in
which the lives of the folks of the Third
World South, subsidize the lives of the folks in
the First World North.

One somewhat daring approach ? would be to encourage a reverse flow of older immigrants from developed to developing countries. If older residents of developed countries took their retirements along the southern coast of the Mediterranean or in Latin America or Africa, it would greatly reduce the strain on their home countries? public entitlement systems. The developing countries involved, meanwhile, would benefit because caring for the elderly and providing retirement and leisure services is highly labor intensive. Relocating a portion of these activities to developing countries would provide employment and valuable training to the young, growing populations of the Second and Third Worlds.

The audacity of creating, in 2010 and beyond an
entire country of underpaid Negro, Asian and Latino
nurses and servants is incredible.

In some ways, this IS the manifestation
of a world separated into two groups,
the Elite and the people who serve them.

Brazil is this way, and California and New York
City are moving towards it.

As I always say, where will people go and
what will they eat?

We are all connected.