Oprah Brings Post Imus Discussion to 106 and Park.

I know. Its a lie. But an M.Dot can dream. I rides for O. Me and Walt fell out over her last year over at Bols site.

When I saw her Post Imus episode I thought, man this would be dope,
if she did this show on 106 and Park.


on TRL.


Think about how much of an impact that SHE could have in calling
artists AND asking young black children, WHAT do you think
when you hear “B*tches ain’t sh*t but ho’s and tricks”.

Russel speaking of ho’s Russel wants to ban ho’s and n*ggas fro hip hop.

This is DE.LI.CIOUS.

I wonder what the investors of Universal think of this.

Times has a dope blog post up.
Here are some telling responses:

although a bit patriarchal at times, hip-hop music and culture is not inherently misogynistic or completely obscene. the problem comes when those outside of the culture (big business and the mainstream) begin to dictate what hip-hop ?is?. hip-hop ?is? what sells. where are the chuck d?s, krs-ones, and rakims of this generation? why won?t guys like common, the roots, and mos def sell as much as this mims guy? instead of attacking hip-hop itself, why don?t we target the commercialization of what was once the ?black cnn??

also, even with hip-hop being the cultural behemoth it is, can we blame it for

the rantings of a grown man? shouldn?t he be above such influence?

? Posted by rachel b

While I think Simmons should be credited for speaking out on this issue, it is hard for me to see this as anything more than his own self promotion. In the recent documentary ?Hip Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes,? Simmons hardly gave the filmmaker the time of day when pressed about questions of misogyny and hypermasculinity in hip hop. But now, post-Imus, it seems Simmons wants to be sure he?ll be mentioned with Revs. Jackson and Sharpton.

? Posted by CM

I think the Hip Hop Industry and mainly Russell are weak!! The songs and artist are free to say whatever they want! It is the responsibility of those who don?t like the lyrics to NOT LISTEN

? Posted by Tai

Uh, is he going to give back all the money he made from records using those ?three words??

? Posted by Jack Sprat

I?m black, a fairly conservative Republican and enjoy a successful career in finance. While I?m probably not the typical ?consumer? for hip/hop music, I felt compelled to comment on this topic.

No matter how offensive lyrics are, we must allow artists to express their feelings through music. Yes, I find the n-word very offensive when someone white uses it. But it is entirely different when someone black uses it. I am a woman but I don?t take offense to the word ho. Why? Because I?m not a ho. And yes, it is a word I use when describing Paris Hilton AND Lil? Kim. They?re both trash.[ NICE!!!]

We?ve got young kids getting blown to pieces in Iraq while we help the Iraqiis build a democracy. Free speech and free press are a cornerstone for democracy. These kids are giving their lives in return for helping Iraq establish a democracy. My ancestors gave their lives to build this democratic country. If you don?t like certain words, turn off the television or don?t buy the CD. If you don?t want your kids listening to this music, take control and monitor the Ipod. This is America. Let?s not forget that.

? Posted by Dagny Taggert

simmons and other rap industry execs are nothing more than profiteers of this sad and disgusting genre which i dare not call music. no one is trying to censor anyone.in order to live in a decent society which creates conditions for hope,growth,and social progress it must begin with the isolation of those who seek to destroy the creation of a just society.our young people won?t stand a chance if we continually allow those who denigrate our people to thrive and grow rich.isolate them immediately,scorn,and quarantine them for awhile and then notice the difference in our society after they depart foe awhile.

? Posted by rev.michael w.miller

And Finally. My favorite response.

To be fair, generally the ?devil?s music? rock and roll to older generations didn?t ruin people?s futures as often but rap does seem to have detrimental effects. Its not exactly normal for most non-damaged people to have flash rage incidents. If you shoot someone over a funny look that?s considered sociopathic and if people could get shot just for going to nightclubs or living in a neighborhood these sociopaths are affecting them too, even if they choose not to listen to rap.

You?ll notice that most middle class people don?t live in the ghetto. There?s a reason for that. Perhaps it would be better if the ghettos were just poor and not so murderous. [or perhaps it would be better if the people who lived in the ghetto would shut the f*ck up w/ that ghetto music]. The rage is one reason why it is so difficult to fix the public schools and that is something holding back a lot of people who are poor and urban. No good high schools means low university enrollment and that means not much of a future and this isolation affects all people growing up in that environment (and gives everyone else in this country these awful racial politics).

If the culture surrounding rap is informally reversing the affects of major supreme court victories, such as the Brown v. Board of Education, stating that separate and equal are not equal, then its a big deal. If you want people to tune out you?re music they?ll tune out more then that and its a big reason why we are so economically divided today. Its something that is directly contributing to social class stratification. (which unfortunately also takes a racial dimension because of the music).

? Posted by Erica

I did a post a few months back about how.
I think it was during the Ludacris/Oprah era.

I mentioned how Ms. Winfrey is connected to hip hop because her constinuents children are a large PORTION of the buying hip hop audience,

The elephant in the room is that POP RAP, is POP because the Hood burns it but hte masses eat it. POP rap is POPULAR because WHITE Middle Class jawns check for it.

50 said it best. Two weeks ago, he was on the radio and he qouted a sales amount that indicated that AFTER SELLING 800 thousand copies, he KNEW at which point his sales were no longer in the “hood”.

The observation was so greasy and astute.

WHY ELSE would Snoop be such a madison avenue darling?

Go Head and Ban the Words.

This reminds of why Black Language is So F*cking powerful.

N*ggas haven’t been concerned with how Black people Speak since the Ebonics Debate.





N&ggas all in one Post.