Amadou. Sean. Lovell. Oscar. Aiyana

Photo Courtesy of Thomas Hawk @ Now Public

(Young African American man, hand cuffed in police car, January 2009 after Oscar Grant Murder Protest in Oakland, I wish I knew his name.)

Amadou. Sean. Lovell. Oscar. Aiyana.

Oftentimes, when it comes to personal violence and race and structural violence and race, I turn to other writers, better writers who can capture how I feel.

Baldwin understood? and articulated the purpose of the police, arguably better than anyone else I have read.

This is all I can offer today on the Oscar Grant verdict, protests, looting and subsequent media coverage.

I hope that it helps.

Similarly, the only way to police a ghetto is to be oppressive. None of the Police Comissioner’s men, even the best will in the world, have any way of understanding the lives led by the people they swagger about in twos and threes’ controlling. Their very presence is an insult, and it would be, even if they spent the entire day feeding gumdrops to children. They represent the force of the white world, and what that worlds real intentions are, simply, for that worlds criminal profit and ease, to keep the black man corralled up here, in his place. The badge, the gun, the holster, and the swinging club make vivid what will happen should his rebellion become overt….

…there are few things under heaven, more unnerving than the silent, accumulating contempt and hatred of a people. He moves through Harlem, therefore, like an occupying soldier in a bitterly hostile country; which is precisely what, and where, hie is and is the reason he walks in two’s and three’s. – from Fifth Avenue Uptown

And here is another quote,

The projects in Harlem are hated. They are hated almost as much as policeman, and this is saying a great deal. And they are hated for the same reason: both reveal, unbearably, the real attitude of the white word, no matter how many liberal speeches are made, no matter how many lofty editorials are written, no matter how many civil rights commissions are set up. – from the essay Fifth Avenue Uptown

One one hand a Mehserle verdict was a slap on the wrist. On the other hand, white police, historically, have rarely been charged with? nor found guilty of killing Black people, unarmed or otherwise.

Amadou. Sean. Lovell. Oscar. Aiyana

Baldwin? “They represent the force of the white world.”

Thoughts on the verdict?

*note. it wasn’t until I began to look for photos for this post that I found myself crying inconsolably. It’s a combination of working really hard, lack of sleep and seeing these images of uncut Black rage.? The pictures made it real.? Feelings of survivors guilt. I do my part, and I am grateful for all of the gifts that I have. Looking at these images reminds me that I escaped a real serious East Oakland fate. I am a human being. How could I not feel something. I am from Oakland. How can I not feel something?

Some Thoughts on the Police, Accountability and the Internet

I noticed a little piece on Wired’s site about Go
removing a police
watchdog/ rating website from its server.
The rationale they used was, “This may endanger the
police officers”.
Kevin Poulsen of Wired writes,

A new web service that lets users rate and comment on the uniformed police officers in their community is scrambling to restore service Tuesday, after hosting company GoDaddy unceremonious pulled-the-plug on the site in the wake of outrage from criticism-leery cops.

Visitors to on Tuesday were redirected to a GoDaddy page reading, “Oops!!!”, which urged the site owner to contact GoDaddy to find out why the company pulled the plug.

RateMyCop founder Gino Sesto says he was given no notice of the suspension. When he called GoDaddy, the company told him that he’d been shut down for “suspicious activity.”

When Sesto got a supervisor on the phone, the company changed its story and claimed the site had surpassed its 3 terabyte bandwidth limit, a claim that Sesto says is nonsense. “How can it be overloaded when it only had 80,00 page views today, and 400,000 yesterday?”

Police departments became uneasy about RateMyCop’s plans to watch the watchers in January, when the Culver City, California, startup began issuing public information requests for lists of uniformed officers.

Then the site went live on February 28th. It stores the names and, in some cases, badge numbers of over 140,000 cops in as many as 500 police departments, and allows users to post comments about police they’ve interacted with, and rate them. The site garnered media interest this week as cops around the country complained that they’d be put at risk if their names were on the internet.

The entire time I am thinking of how information
gathering, contribution
and distribution is incredibly powerful.


Then I thought of this video of a police officer tasering a man
and thought hmmm, I wonder what the CEO of GoDaddy would
think if the tasered man were his son.
(sh-t hits the fan @ 2:41seconds)

His wifes screams are heartbreaking.


I wonder what the CEO of GoDaddy would think if his daughter
was the woman assulted in a housing project on Thursday morning
in Brooklyn, on a night where two police officers lied about making
their rounds

In investigating the rape, detectives from the housing bureau spoke to two officers who said they were doing ?vertical patrols,? walking up and down the stairwells of the building, at the time of the attack and had marked it in their memo books. But investigators who reviewed the videotaped images found no evidence of the officers? being there.

As a result, the officers, whose names were not released, were placed on modified assignment on Thursday and stripped of their guns and badges, said Paul J. Browne, the Police Department?s chief spokesman. The investigation of the police officers was reported on Friday in The Daily News.



Any interactions with officers lately?

Thoughts, reactions?


When the Police Reloads, does that constitute an intent to kill?

Why was the officer who reloaded his gun only charged
with Manslaughter
and NOT murder?

I have posted the NY Penal Code Definitions below.

125.25 Murder in the second degree.
A person is guilty
of murder in the second degreewhen:
1. With intent to
cause the death of another person, he causes the
of such person or of a third person; except that in any

prosecution under this subdivision, it is an affirmative
defense that:

Manslaughter in the first degree.
A person is guilty of manslaughter in the first
degree when:1. With intent to cause serious physical
injury to anotherperson, he caus
es the death of such
person or of a third person; or

125.15 Manslaughter in the second degree.
A person is guilty of manslaughter in the second degree
1. He recklessly
causes the death of another person;

125.10 Criminally negligent homicide. A person is guilty of
criminally negligent homicide when, with
criminal negligence,
he causes the death of another person.
negligent homicide is a class E fel

Michael Oliver, 35, is the officer that fired his
pistol 31 times.
He is the one that reloaded.
Does reloading constitute an intent to kill?


However, I couldn't prove it beyond a
reasonable doubt.

Therefore, I, as the prosecutor, would go
for Man 2 as well. I have found some interesting
deadly force links.

White people, popo and Diallo.
Ed Gordon on deadly force.

The Washington post on deadly force.


Reloading Constitutes an Intent to Kill.

DISCLAIMER::The popo photo above was included
sheerly for irony purposes.
Not for the purposes of encouraging violence against popo.
I took for photo at the Lafayette station C train stop last week.
For the record, I found the ad as pictured.


What in the Hell is Going on W/ NYPD Getting Shot?

2 Days.

3 Incidents.



The Village.

Is Violent Crime on the Rise in NYC?

Two unarmed auxiliary police officers were fatally shot last night during a chase with a gunman on a busy stretch of bars and restaurants in the heart of Greenwich Village, the authorities said.
The gunman was shot and killed about 9:30 p.m. by regular police officers who quickly responded to the scene, the authorities said.

The attack began after the gunman entered a pizzeria on Macdougal and West Houston Streets and shot a bartender who worked there, the authorities said. The two auxiliary officers ? volunteers who dress in uniforms virtually indistinguishable from regular police officers ? followed the gunman toward Sullivan Street, where he suddenly turned and shot them, the authorities said.

The identities of the two slain officers and the gunman were unavailable early this morning. The bartender, whose name was also unavailable, was killed as well, the authorities said.

It was the second time in two nights that city officers were attacked in the line of duty. On Tuesday night, one police officer was shot in a Harlem restaurant only 90 minutes before another was stabbed in the head at a Brooklyn subway station. Both survived.

Between, Iran, Subprime Mortgages collapsing and the Chinese Yen doing back flips, maybe a batch MIGHT be able to get a condo.

The Sean Bell indictment, or lack there of is gonna come down any day now.
I think the city is gonna burn.

TL says that the right ingredients are not present to have riots.

High unemployment, large groups of immigrants who would rather riot than work.

While there are some hood cats that would love to bust into Dr. Jays on 25th to get tha new BAPE’s, TL thinks that the critical mass of ’89-’92 is not present.

We soon shall see.


Humans are animals.

Animals are violent.

Humans are violent.


Where errry body at? ‘Yall all in Panama city partying?