Today I saw Lorraine O’Grady speak.

In the above photo, she is doing a performance piece titled
Mlle Bourgeoise Noire. Here is some information about the performance:

Mlle Bourgeoise Noire, O’Grady’s first public performance, remains the artist’s best known work. The persona first appeared in 1980 under the Futurist dictum that art has the power to change the world and was in part created as a critique of the racial apartheid still prevailing in the mainstream art world.

Here is a short excerpt, from her website about the performance,

Wearing a costume made of 180 pairs of white gloves from Manhattan thrift shops and carrying a white cat-o-nine-tails made of sail rope from a seaport store and studded with white chrysanthemums, Mlle Bourgeoise Noire (Miss Black Middle-Class) 1955 was an equal-opportunity critic. She gave timid black artists and thoughtless white institutions each a “piece of her mind.” Her first invasion of an art opening unannounced was of Just Above Midtown, the black avant-garde gallery. Her second was of the recently opened New Museum of Contemporary Art.

I swear she is #blackgirlfromthefuture#12.

Today, she was real insistent about:

The need for Black Art Historians to look at 1977-87
to get a sense of what was happening in the Art world
that allowed David Hammonds and Adrian Piper to blow up the scene

The importance of thinking about WHY certain Black artists
are allowed to shine, and others are not.

The need to focus on the uncomfortable stuff, and to stretch
in our work.

The need for dissertations to be written about Black artists
other than Kara Walker.

The importance of Black art being connected to a political

The need for Black artist to make art that didn’t look like they
were wearing white gloves while constructing it.

As she was talking, I couldn’t help but think about my essay
about Beyonce, and why it was challenging for some folks to see
that I was not “talking about” Beyonce per se, but that I felt
it was important to analyze WHY Ms. Knowles made $87M in a calender
year, when Black wealth is so hard to come by in this country.

In short.

We always need to scrutinize who “makes it.” And ask ourselves
whose intersts are being served by the fact that “So and So Negro”
is the one shining right now.

Crush’s and Being Human

Neens and D.J. Les courtesy of @sixfive

Thursday night, I went to a function.

Boom bap deliciousness, but I hadn’t anticipated it.

I had a big work day, and knew I wanted to chill later,? so I had given
KB a heads up.

Got a text? around @ 6:00 pm saying, “not going to be able to make it tonight.”

I was like word? Okay, thank you for letting me know.


So I am out, decompressing, made a new lady friend, Connecticut Minnie.

I get a “Hey” text from KB around 7:30.

I respond. “Hey Love.”

“You get my Voice Mail?

I say, “Nah I don’t check vm’s, plus I am in a no service zone.”

He like, ” Oh two joints going on tonight, Black Milk and L.E.S spinning

I’m trying to go, would like for you to come.”

I’m like. Lawd I am not built for this.

First no, now, “Imma come meet you where you @?”

You know how you don’t wanna wait for somebody, but you
kinda do?

I couldn’t figure out where the LES jawn was, so I text J Boogie
and crew and they was like yeah girl, we here, come through.

He cool with J Boogie so I was like, ummp. How do I freak this?

Time goes by, I wait, Connecticut Minnie look at me,
and says boo, you want a ride? I am not going in but I will drop you.

I want to stay posted. She like YOU BEEN waiting, scoot, let him
swoop you. And I was kinda embarrassed because normally I be wanting time, places and plans LAID out, clean. I’m real particular about that.

But this, ummmp. New ‘ish.

And that is not how THIS works. BUT its awesome, because
I am outside of my comfort zone, learning to do my part
and give the rest to God. Ummmp.

Fearless and Vulnerable, I’m trying at least.

The spot is all boom bappy and good. Like 1992 boom bappy.

30 minutes later. I look up Connecticut Minnie is there, I’m like WHAT, I thought you went home. Yeah, you came.

KB shows up, walks past me, thought he was playing me. Instinct
was to feel tight, but I know better, sorta.

I asked,? he say “Nah, I? ain’t see you.” Well he is near sighted. Luls.

“Glad to you see you made it.”

“Girl I came out here to see you, you think I came to see J Boogie,” lols.

“Of course you did.”

I dance, he don’t dance, but grabbed me.

“Watch you get caught up in my MEAN two step.” Looked at him like he was gone out his skull.

Lying if I wasn’t lightweight caught up in the mean two step, what part of the game is this?

Later that evening @sixfive captured the above flick.

I was kinda shook by how warm the colors are.

@Beautynubian says that I look like pure joy.

In some ways I think she right.

I had no idea how that night would turn out. And it was
lovely. My face shows it. Ummm hmmm.

Here’s to being more human humans in #2010 and letting
go of thangs so you can let OTHER thang’s do what it do.

Here’s to it all not needing time to be planned out down the hour and it being LOVELY anyways.

Letting go of anything in 2010?

Letting anything in in 2010?

Take any awesome smiley pictures lately?