"Its Me B*tches" is a mainstream Doom Beat or Smoke Good/Eat Good.

I first heard its me beeches last fall on the radio.

I was like.

Tha hell this xylophone beat.

When was the last time you heard xylophone in hip hop?

Do I hear a summer anthem?

Smoke good/eat good.

This is the perfect song to wake up to.

Think imma parlay that into the CD alarm clock.

Tom Brehain @ Status said,

How does frequent Swizz client and sample-source Jay-Z feel about Swizz constantly repeating that he’s sitting in his car and listening to a song that brutally eviscerates Jay?…..
He probably doesn’t like being reminded every time he hears “It’s Me, Snitches.” Also: why does Swizz keep trying to make “Ether” rhyme with “Beamer”? It doesn’t.

It does rhyme.

Shush. Tom.

And did Swizz exhaust himself so completely coming up with his two quick little nonsense verses that he just couldn’t manage to write any more? Is that why he just repeats those two verses twice? Or is it an aesthetic decision? Is it the old Ramones “third verse, same as the first” thing? If it is an aesthetic decision, why does it work so well? I haven’t heard “It’s Me, Snitches” in a club yet; when I do, is my face going to explode?

It certainly is fun hearing it while flying on the freeway.

The versus is simple ’cause niggas got add and cain’t remember lyrics.

Keep it simple so the quasi literate kids can sing along, and you are more likely to have a hit.


Swizz doesn’t quite rap on the song; instead, he plays hypeman for his own ridiculously frantic track. When two of his lines rhyme, it almost seems like an accident, and he’s definitely not talking about a damn thing. And the track doesn’t really leave any room for him to say anything even if he wanted to say something. The churning strings and enormous drums and weird fast-forward noises and siren-howls are so insane and overwhelming that anyone who tried to do any actual rapping would just get trapped in the mix.

Ummmmmm. Trapped in the mix.<<<<

With a track like “This is Why I’m Hot,” there’s always a vague impression that a real rapper could always come in and steal the song away from Mims with minimal effort;…….That idea doesn’t work with “It’s Me, Snitches.” A remix of the song leaked out to the internet a couple of days ago, and it’s even more of a dizzy mess than the original, except this time not in a good way.

I disagree.

Redman would killed this sh*t. For trill.

Redman. Jay. Doom. In fact that beat is a mainstream doom beat, w/ xylophone and staggered arrangement.


Beans on the radio talking ’bout he a killer for hire.
(Hi Eskay. Thanks for the swipe).

Em. Okay.

First I was like whats the point of saying that?

Then I caught myself, and remembered is that Beans from
Philly which is like a East Coast Oakland. Nuff said.

Beans is kinda gully though.

I have allways been more of a Freeway Fan….Even though what we do is wrong….


I also say “its me beeches” when I walk into the train/building
and the outfit is cute that day, so I guess I was predisposed to feeling this song.