Benny McIntyre ain’t Voting for No Black Man.

Class mobility is mind boggling. I remember being in high
and Jua’s momma told us that once we graduated
from college “that where we come from is going to be irrelevant to
“. I understood this to mean that people would look at our clothing
and the way that we spoke and come to their own conclusions
about which
box to place us in.

Implicit in her moms statement was that school would sanitize us.
On one hand, we would have access to opportunities that our
parents didn’t, on the other hand our backgrounds would become
murkey, and perhaps non existent and that it would be up to us
to reconcile that.

This is a lot to ask a teenager to navigate but young people do it

This conversation came to mind while reading about Hillary’s new
working class identity. Jodi Kantor writes in The Times,

Whatever the results of the primaries on Tuesday in Indiana and North Carolina, Mrs. Clinton has accomplished the seemingly impossible in those states. Somehow, a woman who has not regularly filled her own gasoline tank in well over a decade, who with her husband made $109 million in the last eight years and who vacations with Oscar de la Renta, has transformed herself into a working-class hero.

In promoting herself as a champion of ordinary Americans in a troubled economy, Mrs. Clinton has also tried to cast her rival, Senator Barack Obama, as an out-of-touch elitist. She has made her case at all the right stops (an auto-racing hall of fame) and used all the right props (lately delivering speeches from pickup beds).

It’s amazing. Her husband is single handedly responsible for ensuring
the acceleration of wealth distribution outsourcing.
Read about it here, here and here.

If a $28 an hour job is moved to Mexico, and now pays $3, who is
pocketing the difference? Why do we continue to buy from companies that
move our jobs to other countries, pocket the difference and then
TURN AROUND and STILL attempt to sell us their goods.

This behavior makes the d-boys look like girl scouts.

Never thought I would say that in public.

Paul Rockwell lays out the evidence of Hillary’s dual
positions on outsourcing,

Siddharth Srivastava reported in Asia Times, March 1st, 2005: “Hillary Clinton made it apparent where she stood on outsourcing during her India visit…Hillary has been at the forefront in defending free trade and outsourcing. She faced considerable flak for defending Indian software giant Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) for opening a center in Buffalo, New York.” (TCS provided hundreds of special visas for foreign employees to work in New York for substandard, non-union wages.) She praised Clinton’s “strict adherence to the principles of free trade and outsourcing that affect India directly.”

Outsourcing is inherent to global free trade, the attempt of corporate goliaths to move resources, jobs, money, capital in search of profits anywhere in the world without accountability.

Clinton’s globalization speech in India would hardly be noteworthy today, except that, in her current campaign for the nomination, she is saying exactly the opposite of what she said in India. She was a globalizer in India. Now she’s a protectionist in Pennsylvania, and voters have a right to ask: Which is the real Hillary Clinton?

Not only are Hillary’s working class roots showing, but some
of her supporters are actually speaking honestly about
their unwillingness to vote for Obama, if he is nominated.
In an article in the Christian Science Monitor a voter came RIGHT OUT
and said that if Hillary wasn’t the nominee that he wasn’t going
to vote at all. Talk about party solidarity. Alexandra Marks writes,

Benny McIntyre represents Hillary Rodham Clinton’s strength and Barack Obama’s challenge here in the Tar Heel State.

Sporting a Democratic donkey on his baseball cap and wearing wraparound sunglasses, this white, retired factory worker came to the train depot in Salisbury, N.C., this week to show support for Senator Clinton. As for Senator Obama, Mr. McIntyre says he’s got “nothing against him, he’s a good man.” But if Obama is the Democratic nominee, come November McIntyre may just stay home “for the first time in 40 years” ? even if that means four more years of GOP rule.

“That’s just the way I feel, I guess,” he says.

McIntyre represents a pivotal Southern constituency for Democrats: the white working class.

My question is, if he has nothing against, Obama, then why
not vote for him?
What is implicit in that quote is that Obama
is a good man, but McIntyre
ain’t voting for a Black man.

As the election gets tighter are folks going to become more
honest about their politics?