Fly Analytical’s Episode: 3

I present to you the New and IMPROVED podcast.

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The episode has a discussion of My Patriarchy Moment, CNN’s Black
in America, The Mail Bag and a review of the book “Don’t Blame it on Rio”.

It has been produced by the magnificent T. Rose. Early.

Gone is the crackly ipod quality and rambling discourse.

Now we have clear sound, actual segments and breaks!


M.Dot Presents: Fly Analyticals, The Podcast

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Why didn’t you all tell me that I would need to find
a webhost for the podcast?

Arrrg. I just had to give myself a tutorial on
converting wav’s to mp3’s.

I wasn’t going to publish it, then I heard Tiggalo’s
and was like wait, I gotta do it.

His is all crispy, mine is all gutter and am sounding.

Yet, and still I like it. My rationale is that there is always
room for improvement in life.

Now I just need to figure out how to get my itunes ping
going and I will be cooking with fish grease.

I think in the next one, I will actually address some
of the things he mentioned in his cast.

I look forward to your feedback.
I feel vulnerable.

And thats AG.