New York Times Speculates on Surge of Oakland Murders

You and I both know.

It get hot.

Somebody dying in Oakland this weekend.

Thats how it is. Thats how it’s allways gonna be.

The Times devoted 2 pages to assessing why so many cats
are getting murked in the ‘Town.

I almost was going to type the headline:
“Hip Hop Responsible for
Increase in Oakland Murders”.

Then I decided not to.

Ironically, while I am reading the article and simultanously preparing this post,
I get to this on the second page.

Respect for traditional social norms was on the decline, Mr. Patterson said, in the face of a growing hip-hop culture that puts an emphasis on street credibility for respect.

The COMEDY is that it took the author, 17 short paragraphs, and
the 2nd of two pages to get to THE quote that blames Hip

The shootings are part of a cresting wave of violence in Oakland, which recorded 148 homicides in 2006, a 57 percent increase over 2005 and the highest number in 11 years. As of last week, 43 people had been killed in 2007, fewer than the 60 killed over the same period last year, but still far short of a turnaround.

My first question is how many n*ggas gotta day for the government to realize that
this is a statewide emergency.

You know whats gonna have to happen. Will a series of white
Oaklander’s have to die
in order for the politicans, police
and the government to grasp the seriousness of the

Murders have an materially adverse affect on city life.

1. Investigating murders take diverts police from investigating other crimes.
2. Murders impact the quality of life of the neighborhoods, of the working folks,
of the victims families.
3. Young bucks coming up seeing so many people they love die young, get desensitized to murder at a young age.
3. It affects business owners perception of Oakland as a place to avoid investing in.

Here is a voice that I would like to hear from. Dr. Javid Sadjadi, of Highland Hospital:

Dr. Javid Sadjadi, an emergency room doctor at Highland Hospital, Oakland?s main public trauma center, said doctors there treated 425 shooting victims last year, some of them several times.

?We?re starting to see the same people getting shot several times in several different incidents,? Dr. Sadjadi said, recounting a 14-year-old shooting victim who died recently after being admitted to the hospital, his third admission for having been shot.

Dr. Sadjadi recalled one day last summer when the hospital treated more than 10 victims of shootings.


The Good old prison explanation,

Possible explanations include large numbers of violent parolees returning from prison, increasing gang violence, the availability of guns, a growing methamphetamine trade and police recruitment shortfalls. But some of those factors also exist in San Francisco and San Jose, which has a comparable number of parolees and, arguably, a larger and longer-standing gang problem than Oakland.

The town has something both cultural and voilatile.

There is a wild wild west, F*ck the Police, I am going to handle it my way
attitude in ‘The Town.

And UNTIL the Police, Policy makers and Educators
these murders ARE only gonna get worse.

The variable and somewhat mysterious homicide rates in the Bay Area mirror a national pattern in crime data for 2006 released earlier this month by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The data show killings increased significantly in some cities, including Atlanta, Baltimore, Philadelphia and Washington, and decreased in others, including Dallas, Los Angeles and Miami, with no definitive explanation for the difference

Reading articles like this give me survivors guilt like a mug.

Here I am tripping off working strategizing to work for
a Judge, the SEC or Target, NEXT SUMMER and being
angry at myself for not better planning THIS SUMMER
(cake is wobbely ‘yall) and in the mean time, my people are dying.

God really knows how to put sh*t in perspective for you.


Why do you think so many cats are getting murked inna ‘Town?