Saying Sexism is Worse than Racism is Like Saying Chattel Slavery is Worse than the Holocaust

I will never forget being in undergrad when we were
reading Beloved.

Someone began drawing a parallel
between Chattel Slavery and the Holocaust.

Our professor responded cautioning us against making
that comparison saying
that the risk in comparing my
unjust pain
to your unjust pain only serves to undermine
both groups of people suffered.

She went on to emphasize that ultimately, this line of
thinking isn’t productive. I have been thinking of this
incident every sense I saw droves of white women and
Black women with Hillary ’08 t-shirts on Election day.
I thought, it’s one thing to vote for her
its another to be running around with the T-shirt on.

I soon rethought that standpoint.

I am a news junkie, so I have been following the media’s
coverage of how the public is viewing this election.

I don’t think as a woman that I should be expected to vote for
Hillary, or that as a Black person, I should be expected
to vote for Obama.

That entire line of thinking is racist because white
are never questioned on whether they are
going to vote for one candidate or the other because
they are WHITE like said candidate.

Maureen O’Dowd wrote recently asked the question, who is
the bigger boogie man, Racism or Sexism. Personally, I
collapse the two, which makes for easy and interesting

Elaine Sirkis, 77, an Obama supporter, confided that
she just isn?t sure she?s ready for a woman president
Betty Conway, 83, a Hillary supporter, confided that
she just isn?t sure she?s ready for a black president

As Conway walked away, Sirkis smiled sheepishly. ?I?m sorry,? she told Berman sweetly about her friend. ?She?s a bigot.?

We?re not just in the most vertiginous election of our lives. We?re in another national seminar on gender and race that is teaching us about who we are as we figure out what we want America to be.

It?s not yet clear which prejudice will infect the presidential contest more ? misogyny or racism.

Nowhere in this article is that fact that the ism’s tend
to travel in package, intertwined and codependent.

My issues with Hillary largely stem from the fact that
she made a Faustian deal in tolerating her husbands philandering
in exchange for a chance at the white house.
I understand that all politicians make deals, and this was hers.
I also understand that we all have our demons, yours truly
so I hesitate to point a finger at her, without turning
a mirror on myself. That being said, it was truly out of pocket to hear
this horrible joke repeated in O’Dowds column about her.

The joke goes: ?Obama is just creaming Hillary. You know, all these primaries, you know. And Hillary says it?s not fair, because they?re being held in February, and February is Black History Month. And unfortunately for Hillary, there?s no White Bitch Month.?

The joke undermines what Obama has achieved, Black history
and how it has historically been marginalized in this country
and IT is is downright hostile and verbally violent
towards Hillary.

It reminded me of an incident a month ago, where a white
person made a comment to me about
“those butch looking women” that she see’s in the hallway.

I responded, poker faced and changed the subject
as it was neither the time or place to say something.

I did make a mental note to view the person as someone
who wouldn’t be beyond calling me that black b-tch when
I wasn’t around.

My rationale is that if you talk about one group
then it is likely that you will talk about another.


How do you deal with people when they casually
say outta pocket shit about brown folks?

Haitians? Lesbians? Country Folks? Black men? Hillary? Obama?

Model minorities in general?

Why do people like to have “who has it worse” discussions?

Its as if the election has unleashed folks willingness
to say sh-t that they would normally leave in the
privacy of
their homes.

So much for “Post Racial America”.