The Clipse Don’t Agree with Nas.

Member when Nas said “Sometimes the Rap Game Remind me of the Crack Game”. The Clipse ain’t feelin’ that sh*t tho.

Pusha T, however, is still griping about his current workplace. “No ethics, no code, no morals,” he says. “It’s worse than drug dealing. No one works on principles. At least in the crack trade, there’s a code of honour. The music business is the worst. You turn into a number as soon as you sign the papers.”

You have to have a code or you have nothing.

Clipse find Oprah’s campaign self-serving. It is illogical, they say, to treat them the same as a highly paid, loud-mouth white radio shock jock. Unlike Imus, they say, they don’t use those words to describe women who are seeking an education, like the basketball players, but about the people who would buy the crack from them. [ NICE!!! B/C only crack heads are nappy headed hoes.]

This has been a refrain that I have heard from cats in the hood. This was the Snoop defense too. Watchall think?

Sometimes the rap game remind me of the crack game.

When I tell people I want to do Merger’s and Acquistions.

They ask why.

And I say, honestly, that sh*t reminds me of the 80’s crack game.

You can imagine white peoples faces, when I say THAT sh*t.

Think about it.

a. You have “You either run with me, or imma put you outta business, take your customers AND your real estate”.

b. Oh. You THOUGHT this sh*t was YOUR Block. Naw. Homie. This my sh*t now. You can work for me though.
c. X and Y are getting macked by Z, so they formulate like Voltron to avoid the take over.


Now that. Is a code.

Bjork likes Tha Clipse?

Bj?rk says …

I’ve always listened to hip-hop. Not tons, it’s not been a way of life for me, but I’m of a generation where Public Enemy changed my life. What I like most is the love of rhythm; though I don’t think I’ve ever used those rhythms, I think it would just be wrong. Right now, Clipse have some freshness. It’s the emotional aspect that attracts me.


May is here.

Half the year is gone.

How are your goals doing?



Back Packer Week Presents: The Back Packer Box Set

Say you on a island, Lost/Survivor style, and you can only bring 10 joints from that era.

Here are mine.

1. Main Ingredient.
Talk about your all purpose backpack founk.
I can chill to it.

Mash to it.
Homework to it.
Lounge to it.

2. Illmatic
I’d rather listen to this than just about anything else errrry day.
Unless Im happy.
Then. Well. Main Ingredient.
Illmatic has a way of making you feel like you are in a scene from Clockers.
Especially when I’m blue.

3. Ressurection.
Watermelon is the straight head nod.
U also can’t lose w/ the seminal I Usta Love Her.

4. Bizzare Ryde to the Pharcyde
Part of me likes,Log Cabin a lil bit more (w/ She Said, Groupie “ips), but the Era bizzarre Ryde reps is more relevent to my b-girl developement.

5. Enta Da Stage.
Franklin Avenue Posse what.
Buck shot still could get it w/ his lil sexy @ss.
Evil D beats. This fool, if anyone needs to be putting out mixtapes.

6. De La Soul Is Dead
PP and De La Invented THE skit on this Jawn. They went all out on this jawn.
With discussions ranging from a Pistol Packing Santa, to MC Hammer and revealing their anti Arsenio resentments makes this a BP staple.

7. Reel to Reel.
“There’s just one thing I wanna say.”
“Copy, Copy, Copy, Copy”.
Um. Back Packer Anthem Batches!

8. Midnight Marauders
I learned about Broadway Joe, of Mice and Men all from one CD.
And the BEATS STILL KNOCK, what 12 years later.
This sh*t wins just off the cover design alone.

“Bust off on ya crew/ like Mario Lemuex/”

I know yall gonna have problems.

I have spaces left for two.

Can’t decide between,
Death Certificate. Listening to cube was like hearing Farrakhan nephew give you a lecture on Malcom. Hoodrific Ignorance.

Do You Want More. Come on. I couln’t play The Roots like that.

Beastie Boys. Pauls Boutique. I think that is one of the first tapes my brother ever let me “hold”. I almost put it on the list for that reason alone.
Step Into the Arena. Too many gangstars to choose.

Breaking Atoms. Extra P still foune. From the first hint of the bass to Front Door, to the crazy Politcal Friendly Game of Baseball. Plus his delivery is nasssteee.

Biz Mark is Going OffUm. Them samples is Nasty and it KNOCK and soon as you press play. Biz was allways that chubby cat that got over on his charm.
You know it!

Blowout Comb. This Bedstuy and general jazzy BK love on this jawn is bananas. And it has crazy replay value to this day.

Something by Gangstarr. Daily Operation anyone? I know. Im slipping. I just didn’t know which one to choose.


I know I have left something off.
I know ya’ll got some smart @ss comments to make.



Inside the Mind of a Model Minority. v.1.

Why in the hell is Fergie on Jay Leno talking about “If you ain’t got no money take your broke a$s home?” Why I am really productive from 10 pm-2am? I am seriously contemplating deading ALL social activites and reading, writing, eating and sleeping for the next four days. I am building momentum and I am scared of losing it. Lol. If I knew that would have happened from listening to Supreme Clientele. I would have broke that shit out LAST YEAR.
Dope Clipse review up over @ pitchfork. It ain’t crack rap. Oh. The smell of laundry is wafting through my window. Delicious. The only thing about staying up this late working is that it makes me a little light headed.

Malice: No, of course I did. I’ve had them, [but] they’ve been scratched up. I was just revisiting [them] and trying to recapture the magic of when hip-hop was, to me, just everything. A lot of people say that Clipse always talk about coke. I just want to say, it used to be just me. I used to be a soloist making demos with Pharrell and Chad [Hugo], and even back then that was my context. That’s what I wrote about. I didn’t know it was cool. That was just the subject matter at the time. Then Pusha came along, and we did it even on Exclusive Audio Footage, which was never released on Elektra. That’s what we were talking about then, but that wasn’t the end-all. In between the content is a lot of literature and a lot of foo for thought. We’re wordsmiths. We craft what we say. We don’t go into the studio, play the beat, and just write and come out with a song. I like to have at least three days to work on one song. But time doesn’t always permit that.

Hold up. So someone is puttin’ blobs OVER graffitti in NYC. N*ggas need to get hobbies. More Graff goodness @ the Voice. Why they call dude a would be basquait? He aint Black. So now they gonna issue me symbolic citations when I call Ni*ggas N*ggas. Ha. They need to be having a justice for Sean Bell Strategy meeting.

Why she get so much burn? Her man flyer than her. Um carnivores playing w/ his future lunch. Adorable. Now ya’ll know I am quick to call something anti-woman, IF I find that it is warranted. But I don’t see the issue here.

Single not sorry. Thas wussup.

What up w/ Cormega did you see ’em are yall together. Dude. Late night. Blurry vision. And Rap turrets. not a good look.