Sometimes a Heart Can’t Afford to Be Just Friends

Click on the above image to peep the tweet which says,
“Sometimes a heart can’t afford to be just friends.”

My general rule is that if I am uncomfortable, I won’t do it.

I been number one AND number two before.

Number dos is bad for your self esteem IF YOU really want
the top spot. I was a kid then when I did that shit. I’m grown now.

Saw this tweet and thought it was remarkable, given the
“can we be friends” or “can you have friends” terrain I have
be walking lately. Ummp. Ummm. Ummp.

Yeah its time for Love and Abundance….I feel a paradigm shift

My momma say, “Good things come to those who wait,
just don’t wait too long.”

Phonte’s Just Friends

Amy Winehouse <<Just Friends track.

Became anyone’s “friend” lately?

Had to make someone a “friend”?


I Just Wanna Be Your Friend and Not Ya’ Man. ~Big Pooh

This time last week I was a complete puddle.

Thursday before last, SJ decided to finalize the
status and make us just friends.
I was devastated,
not because it happened,
but how it happened.
At the time there was no room for discussion.

It was just ended. In my head I thought I could
lose the relationship, I just didn’t want to lose my friend.

At the end of something, its easy to look around
you and see reminders of the person everywhere.
You know how you walk past
certain streets or stores, and you think about
a person? That is exactly what happened to me
last Friday.

I left work to go to Glide, because I knew that my
spirit wasn’t right and that I needed all the extra help
that I could get.

I passed the corner where I spoke to SJ after my
first temp interview, then I saw the bank where I deposited
my first temp check. Over there was the corner where
I called him and ranted about the OTHER Black girl that
was trying to hate on me to the investment bankers.
There was the Staples where I made copies of
Michael Datcher’s book and sent them to him.

Everywhere I turned there was a reminder…. to be cont….


What did you do to get yourself out of your last slump?

How long did it last?