Music Writers Have it Hard

Peep Eliott Wilson get in the gristle about actually receiving
threats of violence for some of his Hip Hop reviews.

Stakes is High man.

Dres (from Black Sheep) We all know what majestic masterwork A Wolf In Sheep?s Clothing was but I had the unfortunate job of being the first one to inform my fellow Queens brethren that his second album Non-Fiction was a true shit sandwich.

It was a write-up in One Nut magazine, an independent
publication based in Connecticut owned by a gentleman
named Barry Wade. Barry would pay me about 30-50 dollars
to review as many rap albums I could get my hands on.
Fun fact: When I retired from that gig, kris ex filled in the
kid?s shoes. Sorry exo!

I know I am late with this, but that it was SUCH a good
example of art
that is convered by the Fair Use doctrine
in Copyright law.

In other news Jay resigned.
I am indifferent to him resigning. What I would be
interested in is hearing what THOSE negotiations
sounded like.


I don’t like going to jails.

They are dehumanizing.

But, you have to do what you have to do, right?

In that spirit I am glad that this piece was written by
Graham Rayman about the horrors of visiting
a loved one in Rikers

Each year, about 350,000 people?or about 1,000 a day?visit
someone at Rikers or elsewhere in the sprawling city jail system.
There are a lot of reasons why Rikers visits take so long?some
reasonable and others not?but together they amount to a hidden
penalty exacted by the criminal-justice bureaucracy on a
population largely made up of moms, wives, girlfriends, and sisters.

1000 people a day. Good grief Charlie Brown.

“It’s an all-day thing,” Gordon says. “You have to plan your life around it. On a good day, you wait two hours for a one-hour visit?on a good day?and the COs are rude. Sometimes they load you on the bus at Rikers and we’re sitting there, and the driver is standing outside smoking, and it’s like he’s not going to take you until he’s ready.”

Gordon says she was once turned away for wearing a tank top. Another time, she says, she waited eight hours to see her boyfriend. In the end, she was told she couldn’t see him. “It was almost 9 p.m., and I was sitting there with a couple of other people, and the officer goes, ‘You’re an idiot for staying so long.’ “

All I can say is wow.


Brandon at URB magazine sent me an email last
saying that Doom apparently appeared at another
show lip-singing.

However, this time, the promoter retaliated and posted
his personal information on the internet.

The email is signed by Randy Castello / Tight Bros Network, an Atlanta-based promotor, and came from a MySpace bulletin sent out by the show’s venue, Drunken Unicorn. He goes on to list Doom’s address and phone number (sorry, fan boys and bill collectors, it’s irresponsible to paste it here).

Dec 14, 2007 8:30 PM
Subject: Anyone want to prank call MF DOOM?
Body: Many apologies go to all of you who came out to the MF DOOM show last night at MJQ and paid $30 of your hard earned money only to watch him lip sinc for 20 minutes at 1:30 in the morning. This was by far one of the single worst experiences I’ve had as a club promoter and I sincerely apologize if you walked away feeling cheated. To make matters even worse MF DOOMS appointed doorman took off with all the money from the door after the show! As soon as we realized the money was stolen we decided to help ourselves to all of MF DOOMS merchandise which included a bunch of T shirts and posters. So, in an effort to make it up to everyone who walked away feeling cheated, we’re giving away all the merchandise for free so come and get it while supplies last!! And if that’s not enough, feel free to let MF DOOM aka Daniel Dumile know how you really feel by calling him at his home in Kennesaw Georgia.


Hi Doom,

What the eff is going on dude?
I mean really.
In my opinion you make headphone music,
so I don’t want to soil my image of that
by going to one of your shows.
But still dude.
Sending OTHER people to come and lip synch.
Es a joke, no?
Knowing you, your probably in the crowd
recording everyone’s reaction for some weird Vaudeville Villan II
extra DVD scenes. (giggles).



Was it greasy for dude to put Dooms info on the internet,

or was he within his rights?

Does grimy get grimy?