My Duke/Imus Moment.

Last week.

Umi says, you gotta shine ya light.

In evidence class last week were discuss the rape shield laws.

Rule 412. Sex Offense Cases; Relevance of Alleged Victim’s Past Sexual Behavior or Alleged Sexual Predisposition

(a) Evidence generally inadmissible.

The following evidence is not admissible in any civil or criminal proceeding involving alleged sexual misconduct except as provided in subdivisions (b) and (c):

(1) Evidence offered to prove that any alleged victim engaged in other sexual behavior.

(2) Evidence offered to prove any alleged victim’s sexual predisposition.


An alleged rape victims sexual history in a rape case is inadmissable.

The Duke case just came down last week, so my professor decided to use it as a “teaching moment”.

One of my colleges says,

“Well can we offer into evidence the fact that she dressed like a prostitute [I paraphrase but this is the gist of his statement”.

There were good hearted chuckles in the class as well as several FEMALE class mates looking around. Like. What? Did he just say that for real.


I felt my HEART raise up in my throat and I KNEW that I had to say something.

I raised my hand.

She didn’t call on me.

30 seconds later.

The moment passed.

She asked, “Did I see a hand raised in the back?”

Umi says, you gotta shine.

I did a two second debate in my head.

DID I wanna be the BLACK girl, talking about the Black girl topic?


But. My hands were sweaty so I said. Yes.

I raised my hand.

“In response to my collegue David’s statement [class laughter] regarding
the admissability of the fact that the prostitute wore prostitute like clothing.


“Oh I was just kidding.”

I didn’t THINK to say it, but IT WAS THE IMUS defense in class.

White boys love to use it.

He said it. He meant it. He SHOULD have rode for his.

Have some integrity for christ sake.

But my mind was racing at the time, and I only realized it after class.

I responded.

I know, However, some things need to stated explicity.

One has to be very careful when making a statement regarding a womans clothing in relationship to rape, because it can lead to the very dangerous inference that how a woman dresses INVITES her to be raped.

A classmate that I have sat behind for 15 weeks turned around and mouthed thank you.

At first.

I was like “thats right”.

But then I was like f*ck her.

I had to say what I needed to say, so it wasn’t on MY HEART for the rest of the week.

I ain’t your moral compass.

We all sat in the same class.

We ain’t friends.

And I am the one that the courage to speak.


Like I say.

Umi Says. Make it crack.

I gots Zora on mines.


I Miss Lil Kim.

There is something sorely missing from hip hop. Hip hop is missing the the voice of a woman that is sexual, raw and self possesed. A woman who has created and stays in her lane and is clearly unapolgetic about who she is.

I usta be scared of the d*ck/
now I throw my lips on the sh
handle it like a real b*tch/.

“Asserting herself sexually like a hip-hop Millie Jackson, Kim’s ribald accounts of healthy sexual appetite come off as empowering,” said Time Out. “Kim is a revolutionary figure in the sense that she’s a woman who is articulating the same perverted thoughts that men have been rhyming about for years,” said CMJ in their “Dope!”-rated review. Spin concurred, stating “Lil’ Kim is possessed of so much natural panache and audacity that she packs the attack of a 50-foot woman.”

The New York Times article on surban mommas pole dancing to add spice to their lives reminds me of kim and the schizophrenic realtionship that this country has with sex.

Pole dancing, once exclusively the province of exotic dancers, has flared up as a much-hyped Hollywood exercise craze, and has seeped into the collective unconscious through shows like ?The Sopranos? and ?Desperate Housewives.? A variant called motorized pole dancing, which occurs in stretch limos, has raised eyebrows as far away as Britain, where some female university students pole-danced as a fund-raiser for testicular cancer. And mini-poles have even been spotted as dance props at over-the-top bat mitzvah parties in suburban precincts.

My first problem with the article is that it presupposes that suburban mommas are not suppose to be mashing in the first place.


In our culture, Strippers are lower than spit.

So what does it means when “Surban” re responsible and lady like and not sexual women start “pole dancing” for fun.

Its serves as evidence of “stripper culture” permeating mainstream culture without any analysis of what it means to be a woman that makes her living off selling the notion of sex, the fantasy of sex, and for that matter sex.

Some say exercise that echoes the acrobatics done by women who take their clothes off for a living is exploitative rather than empowering. But Ms. Shteir and Joan Price, the author of ?Better Than I Ever Expected: Straight Talk About Sex After Sixty? (Seal Press, 2006), see a clear difference between middle-class, middle-aged women choosing to give parties in their homes and women pushed by poverty into potentially dangerous or demeaning work.

?I want the women to feel strong within themselves,? explained Ms. Cottam, 29, who teaches pole dancing at a local gym as well as at home parties. Noting that some middle-aged suburban women lose themselves and their sense of sexuality as they are consumed by the responsibilities of motherhood, she added: ?When you come to my class you are beautiful, you are. I want to show them that strength inside, and unleash that sexual kitten.?

Think about it. The Duke rape case was largely scandless because the accuser was a black woman, EXOTIC DANCER, momma and student.

Kim will never be Kim again.

With jail, the loss of of Biggie and the cosmetic surgeries, life is different for Kim.

However, I remember reading her article in Honey magazine and feeling like I knew her and being glad that she existed.

Hip Hop needs her voice.


Good Morning Blog Family. Did you see the snow last night? It was purrrrty. It actually made me relax. And that was after two cups of coffee, a cinnamon roll, an 4 hours of reading, lol.