Want “Black Girls Are From the Future: Essays on Race, Digital Creativity and Pop Culture” at your local library? You can request it.

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You can request my book “Black Girls Are From the Future: Essays on Race, Digital Creativity and Pop Culture” at your local library.

If you want the book in your library that you have to do is go to the website for your local library and request the book.  I have included links to ten cities where folks have supported the book. If I do not list your library link below, every website as a link where you can request a book.

If you have been on this ride with me, thank you for all of your support over the years. You all are the reason why I do what I do. If you are a new reader, thank you for joining the community. I treasure this space, because it has allowed me a space to develop my writing voice and create an international community.

Again. I appreciate you thank you for riding with me. You will need the ISBN number to order the book. The ISBN for the book is: 9780615835129.







Atlanta – via Collection.Development@fultoncountyga.gov



Los Angeles

Prince George’s County, Maryland – **Note. They don’t have a digital link, only a phone number, but I wanted to include it just the same.


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The Closing of Lenox Lounge and Symbols of Blackness

Image via Harlem Bespoke

I remember when President Obama was elected and there was a lot of discourse on how symbolic the election was, and folks were right it was incredibly symbolic.

Symbols are powerful because they inspire people. Now, there is a picture on The Facebook of an empty Lenox Lounge. I have only been to the place twice and when I saw it, I wondered why I feel like I have lost something. Maybe it is a fear of an erasure, of certainly elements of Black people’s history being erased.

The Lenox Lounge backstory.


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