Logical and Emotional

I am as logical as I am emotional and this confounds people. Breaks them into little unintelligible peaces. Why?

What do you do with someone can think linearly, who can identify the logical conclusion of a line of reasoning, but who also understand that she has the right to cry if she so feels moved. What do you do with a person who creates the space for other people to feel?

My mother just made me so mad, I started cleaning to relieve the anger. I am 2000 miles away for Loves sake. And the bugged out part, is that while it was happening, I could feel it escalating. She pushed my buttons and I was not going to back down, because the issue isn’t what she did, the issue is a matter of principle. Remember what I said about logic?!?!?!

You have to teach the people around you how to treat you, even if it means intense moments of discomfort.


When you Love yourself, you stand up for yourself, (of course I understand that sometimes you can’t if it means that you may get killed #Oakland.)


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  1. beababy says

    funny thing; i just wrote a piece about emotions and writing…

    in short we are complex beings and should have the space to be both emotional and logical (or anything else we, are or need to be) it is important to acknowledge and express those emotions as they bubble up (i am convinced the inability to do so result in a number of diseases). But logic will tell us what, if anything, to do with them. they actually go hand and hand