Gone ‘Till May 3rd

I am busy prepping for the end of the semester. Grading papers, working on my teaching portfolio (shout out to everyone on Twitter who shared their teaching statement with me) and I am being observed for the second time this semester on May 3rd. Pray for me, I need to leave myself enough time to proofread everything. #Becomingbetterattimemanagement.

In the mean time, check out racialicious, the crunkfeminists, gender bending Zeds blog, Jamilah King @ Colorlines, Brittini and Arielle @Clutch Mag and quirky black girls.

There is also a Goldy update coming. I am playing her close to the vest as things have developed……

Here are some of my posts that you may enjoy in the meantime.

Michael Baisden is a Misogynist Pig

Thinking about Jay Electronica Choking Women During Sex

Ta-Nehisi Coates Asks “Is For Colored Girls a Classic”: My Response

Why Can’t The Obama’s Send their Children to Public School?

Michelle Obama and the Black Female Body

To all my homies, and readers, thank you for holding me down. You make this process less lonely and I appreciate it.



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  1. Renina says

    SHUT UP MZ. When I saw that, I left it, because I knew a snarky assed negro was going to say something.


    Happy Easter. You get that cease faded?

  2. says

    Of course, I was in and out in 40 minutes.

    And I thought about keeping my mouth shut, but I didn’t want to disappoint you. Keep going forward though, it’s always love.