On Spirit and Other Things

The information that you find will change you.

The day started with a conversation with Bacon Grits where I confessed that he and I are different from most people in that we don’t rank human beings hierarchically, meaning that we treat people with a base level of respect. I also told him that I appreciated him. Rereading something I had written online I realized how he held me down. It was nice to hear is voice.

I also learned some information about a lady friend and how she moves. I am not sure what my next step will be, but what I have learned is that I value my relationships with women more so than with Love bears. Love bears come and go, sisters are forever.

I walked into the study spot yesterday and I heard someone say my name. I turned around and Davey D grabbed me so hard he lifted me off the ground. He is my friend and colleague and we rarely get to see each other. He also reads my blog now, so we were able to kinda just pick up the conversation. #Creepybutawesome. We had a conversation about how he reads text books critically now. Its cool to watch a person become politicized.

I spoke with an old friend who is working on a short film about Black women and not only does she want me to be involved but she wants to base a character on me #nomichaelrappaport. Lol. I am excited. I just saw a rough cut, and can I tell you how awesome it is to see Black women on the screen simply doing them.

Perhaps most significantly I have decided that my rules of  engagement may be changing slightly. I remember @moyazb telling me that her homie asks people “where are you on your spiritual path” and I remember being like, thats kinda bugged. But nearly two years later I get it.

I ran into Aquemini yesterday. Can I tell you how creepy it is to know that you are going to see someone, then actually see them. He was kinda blue. And I shared with him how I was writing in my post about serenity not having anything to do with dough or material possessions. He was reflecting on some past choices and he was pensive and I can dig that. Honestly though, I am going to fall back, not because the desire isn’t there on my end, because it is, but because my spirit is telling me to. I saw and felt some things last night that kinda got me like woah. Time will show me what I need to see, until then, Imma fall back.

In some ways I grew up yesterday.

When was the last time you got new information?

Did it change you?

When was the last time something happened to you and you realized you grew up a little bit?

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  1. says

    hello renina,

    it’s been a while since i’ve commented on a post, but the questions prodded me to bring my thoughts out.

    as far as new information goes, it ties into how my spiritual walk is. a few years back there was this guy who would ask that and i was just maaad ignorant about his questioning. but then sometime last year, after getting arrested because of foolishness, and afterwards accepting christ, things became even more unsure. from the moment i accepted, i felt that peace you always hear about from old folks and such. that descending presence would be the new info. as far as changing me, i feel it in certain ways, like actually remembering dreams and heeding their message, and on another note, doing my taxes on a saturday night while living in Miami and being a single male under 30.

    that would count as a sign of growth i guess.

    yo, but thanks for putting me on to Nixonland. realizing he took the dollar off the gold standard just to win an election? recklessness

    in closing, thanks for your blog and your difficult questions which force me to think outside of my comfort zone

  2. Renina says


    Thank you for commenting and for being honest. You are one of my Favorite commenters in many ways because you are reflective.

    Yeah, I guess older folks be having peace because they have seen so much.

    I guess it is absurd to ask someone that, I did it this week while on a date…it was a bit kinda new agey, but I am glad I did.
    I sense that bringing spirit into the situation can change how it will proceed. Being fahn is simply NOT enough in 2011.

    I am glad you like the blog and I appreciate your kind comments.