Aquemini’s Helium Balloon

The last time I chilled with Aquemini, Green Eyes said being around the two of us is like being in a helium balloon and boy was she right.

After I left him yesterday I felt like I had Coltrane withdrawals, what every that fees like. However, it was nice to be able to just be myself around someone.

He did what he does, which his hold court and entertain, but in the midst of all of that nothing gets past him. Its bugged to be out with someone who see’s as much as I do.


He kept saying, being out with you #allcity, is like being in a movie.

This is coming from a man who picked me up and walked out into oncoming traffic on 14th and U. o.O

At one point he was making bets with a young White cat on the likelihood of the last digit on the serial number of a dollar bill being above five or below five. The outcome of the bet would determine who would buy all of our brunches.

At another point we were at Davey’s a lounge doing way too much.

We are both similar in that we recognize the spirits in people, we just do it differently. He does so by speaking, to nearly everyone. I do it by recognizing that everyone has a right to be who they are. And intervening when it appears that it is not being recognized.

No se sponge bob. The outcome ain’t mine, but I would be lying if I didn’t want to run and hide or make a demand sometimes.

Oh, speaking of Sometimes, why I learn that that the first Bilal album was his top three, this is of course after I told him I woke up with Bilal’s Reminisce on my byrd two weeks ago.

Hot air balloons be fun, but when you go up, you got’s to come back down.

I need to be careful what I ask for, because I just might get it.

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