#Nixonland: Selection of New Model Minority Book Club

My fascination with 60’s era politcs stems back from a class in high school titled American history from 1960 to the Present. Thank you Mr. Lee.? Heady stuff for a 16 year old.

Ta-Nehisi recommended that I read Nixonland as a way to wrap my head around how the modern Republican party became the party of both business and of? working class angry whites who vote. And how the Democratic party came to be the party of Black folks, of unions and education.

Because I am also interested in what happened to Black people in urban settings in the 1980’s I realized that learning more about Nixon and the ’60’s would help me understand how we got to 1985.

Get Nixonland and lets read it together. A few of you have already started(@tkoed @skippcoon) and that is hella fresh.

The author @rickperlstein has reached out to me/us via twitter which is hella fresh.

If you have discussion questions about the book leave them in the comment section.

In addition, I am getting ready to post “20 Things I Learned from Reading Nixonland.”


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