Openly Loving Women is Prolly Radical….

Yesterday I tweeted a thought, and apparently I touched a cord.

I was so moved by the reaction that I did a screen shot to preserve this history.

The quote is:

Openly Loving women, in a society premised on oppressing women,

is prolly one of the most radical thing you can do.



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  1. john says

    I don’t understand the context of your quote! I see day in and day out men showing their wives and/or girl friend love and affection in public. Do you mean in the media, a specific race?

  2. admin says

    Oh the context, is the global.

    I am speaking to the ways in which women are presumed subordinate to men, now and historically, and how OPENLY loving a women opens can open you to ridicule or even violence.

  3. beababy says

    i concur. sexism is so inbedded in our culture that oft time people (men and women alike) are sexist but may not be aware of it. on a number of occasions i was able to point out this behavior that existed unbeknowst to them, and many of them were able to acknowledge it. that said, i think we should continue to teach and educate because sometimes when people know better they do better

  4. says

    I would say most of the time.

    sometimes when people know better they do better
    Humans are good, except when it comes to Eugenics. Then they out of pocket.