Aye Blood…….

I am old enough to know that it will go away.

But damn Gina if I don’t miss my friend.

Tonight, I am working on a review of 5 years of a feminist journal. I got stacks of papers, outlines, mo’ stacks of papers. The goal is for us to start thinking about the places that we would like to publish, places where our work will fit.

Hard assignment.

But it is the kind of thing that will allow me to KNOW a journal that I would like my work to be in.

Sometimes, there is nothing harder than accepting that you
have to let that thang go.

What’s perhaps even more difficult is when the person
was your friend, and that you are similarly situated
in life, in terms of work. That cha’ll went or will soon go through
the same shit.

In fact, this assignment is showing me how historians are like
lawyers in that they stay putting stuff into seperate categories,
then analyzing the categories. I have been thinking in terms of
categories and themes for the last 48 hours to make this assignment pop off.

I am close to God tonight.? I’m tired. Imma work till 12, then lay it down.

I would imagine he may read from time to time. So,
if you catch this Love, I am doing a review of 5 years
of the journal Meridians and the papers are awesome:

“Guantanamo: A Feminist Perspective on U.S Human Rights Violations” by Victoria Brittain

“Never Innocent: Feminist Trouble with Sex Offender Registries and Protection in a Prison Nation” by Erica Meiners

“The Future of our Worlds: Black Feminism and the Politics of Knowledge in the University under Globalization” by Grace Kyungwon Hong

“Hip-Hop Honeys and Da Hustlaz: Black Sexualities in the New Hip Hop Pornography” by Mireille Miller-Young

Back to 2nd person.

I know that he would appreciate not only the fact that I have this assignment, but the pedagogy that the professor is using in terms of getting us to do the assignment. She just said DO it. No guide. It is forcing us to stretch.

I COULD call a grad school homie, but we all doing the same assignment. At home, pressed, reading, trying to make sense of it all and meet our deadline.

I am grateful for this blog as a place to work it out.

Thank you for reading. Especially you T.dot. You inspire me.

Fearless y vulnerable,


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